Become a Hostess: Trade fair and exhibition model – Application to jobs

You want to be a hostess? Trade fairs, presentations, travel but also new acquaintances from all over the world – a real dream job! Besides studying, later full-time or as a part-time job, many love the communicative side of the job. Above all it is about friendliness but also charisma. When it comes to jobs as an exhibition hostess, with a competent appearance but also as a receptionist for accreditation at the entrance area, friendliness is the be-all and end-all of the job.

Our Hostess Service is your renovated contact for great jobs, first class customers but also a highly professional management. From the casting organisation and your travel planning to the handling and bookkeeping. If you make it into one of the top agencies, like ours, all possibilities are open to you. Instead of complex self-management, we support you from day one. You are interested in our hostess agency! All information can be found here. If you would like to apply directly as a hostess, you will find your application form here

If you would like to know more about the job, your application, castings but also the requirements for the job as a hostess, we have all the important information for you here. At the end of this article you will find the frequently asked questions and answers about Hostess Application and Jobs. Everything you need to know, clearly arranged and free of charge.

What does a hostess do?

As a hostess agency we see the basic tasks like this:

  • Motivation, the absolute prerequisite for all other points
  • friendliness, service plays a major role in all high-priced economic sectors
  • On time, at every appointment
  • willingness to teach in, for example with a new customer
  • High availability before someone else gets the job
  • conversing, you know what you want
  • Honesty and trust
  • Performance readiness, even at peak times, e.g. during meals or galas

These are only the most important mental requirements for food and hostesses. Of course one could list many more requirements, but most important are the above mentioned points. Motivation is the absolute prerequisite, it not only helps you in life, but also in your job and career. If you really love your job, you’ll go to more and more trouble. As in management, it is of course also the decisive criterion for success and motivation in indirect service! This opens up the other points that you have to master in jobs, such as unconditional friendliness. Imagine you had a hard and long day and get something to drink in the evening in a cozy bar. Whether the bartender had a good or bad day, you want to be treated friendly and well as a guest. It’s just like being a hostess. Even if the trade fair visitors had a stressful day, for example because they are buyers and only have two days to talk to each other.

Jobs and prerequisites

Now you come as a hostess and small sales talent. Friendly, patient, motivating for the rest of the day. This energy is contagious and is ultimately rated positively by the customer. This brings you as a hostess follow-up bookings and therefore more jobs. An absolute win-win situation, for you as a hostess but also for your customers.

As a hostess, you have to be very clever, because not only the areas and locations of use change, but also the guests and the matter at stake. From the food fair to the presentation of a new automobile to the customer discussion for a sanitary manufacturer. I’m sure it won’t be boring! At the same time, however, this also means that you must constantly acquire new knowledge. In the automotive industry alone, it’s all about a fundamental understanding and presentation of the manufacturer’s special new model. Of course you don’t have to know all the details, but at least for a small talk you should always reach it.

If you want to work even more professionally, there are also conversations, sometimes even in different languages, which is why it is always a good idea as a hostess to speak many foreign languages. And this not only increases your reputation, which means your reputation with customers, but also your hourly wage. This way you can earn even more money as a hostess. Your job then is not just to look good. Customers from distant countries, China or Japan, Los Angeles, New York or London rely on you. This does not involve small sales, but very large sales in some cases. In the tourism industry, for example, but also in the furnishing and furniture sector, large quantities are very often ordered at trade fairs.

Your job is to be the point of intersection between customers and locals or visitors. Demanding! You’re really good at making money for this. But until you make it this far, it’s a long way. Therefore, an important prerequisite for you as a hostess is patience!  The more you work, the more experience you gain, the more positive feedback you get from customers, the more jobs you get. But the way is long, because you always have to prove yourself as a new hostess. In all the points we mentioned before, from motivation, friendliness, punctuality to learning new topics for small talk, to positive or negative feedback from customers for the first jobs.

So let’s start at the very beginning!

Hostess application and photos

The application as a hostess differs from an application for a regular job in a few points. In principle, however, the application is not so different.

What do you need for your hostess application?

  • Small curriculum vitae with professional background, school-based training
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Languages, from understanding to perfect use
  • Expressive photos of you, portrait and full body
  • body measurements and clothing sizes

Tip! In good hostess agencies, you don’t have to write a letter, of course, all the information you enter comfortably in the online form, mobile with the smartphone or comfortably from the sofa at home with the tablet.

What you don’t need are the following points from a classic application

  • Address with motivation
  • Certificates from employers

Once you have submitted your application, all your information will go to the agency’s scout. She or he is part of the booking team and therefore very close to the client’s request, needs and wishes. So the scout can decide which applications are relevant and which are not.

In good agencies hundreds to thousands of people apply every month, the selection is accordingly hard. So if you don’t get any feedback from the hostess agency, don’t take it too personally. This is a small example of why good applications are sometimes rejected: You are 19 years old, live in Berlin, have no gastronomic experience yet. This profile applies to very many, if the agency then already has ten or twenty professional and experienced hostess employees from Berlin, about 20 years, blond hairy, it can be that your agency application is not considered. Which doesn’t mean maybe you can’t get a chance in another agency. If you haven’t made it to one of the top agencies, you can and should try even harder if you want to become a hostess!

You will receive feedback from the agency in 2 to 5 days. As a rule, a Scout agency looks at all new applications once a week. Here a first preselection is made by one person, the scout. He or she then presents his or her pre-selection to the booking team. This consists of several people who, through their daily work with customers, know exactly what is being sought and what is already being built up for the future. Due to the large number of applications, refusals are rarely sent. If you have not received any feedback on your hostess application for more than 14 days, you can assume that your application will not be considered at this time. Keep trying your luck!

A golden entrepreneur rule, the more doors you knock on, the more will open for you! This is just as true in the application process as it is later in the job. Imagine you are at a trade fair, if you only talk to one person and they are not interested in the product, you could conclude that the product does not arrive. That’s why you should talk to ten people, maybe even 100 people. The more conversations you have had, the more you feel what you have to say at the beginning, how you can avoid criticism or how you can strengthen a positive aspect even further. Leadership is a big issue for hostesses, because it can bring the customer additional profit, not only in the form of money and contracts, of course it is also always about brand awareness. Brandn Awareness means brand perception, if you are friendly, the brand will be remembered positively.

In order to shine in the interview, you should have heard and considered all these aspects of the job in advance. So you can make it clear to yourself agency also directly, in which direction you want to go. As a part-time job to study for two years or as a full-time job with a focus on communication, speeches and customer service. The journey always begins with the first invitation to the agency.

Casting and interview

If your application was well received, you will receive feedback from the hostess agency within 2 to 5 days as described. Here the further ways differ, depending on which previous experience you bring along. As a rule, personal interviews are only scheduled if you do not yet have any experience. So the agency can assess you in a direct conversation, how you are from your personality, but also from your charisma.

  • How seriously do you take the job?
  • What requirements do you have?
  • Which way do you want to go personally?
  • How safe are you in other languages?
  • How self-confident is your performance in general?

Many questions! If you already have enough experience as a hostess, you usually make a phone call, a simple video phone call is sufficient, especially if you have already seen references as an agency. In this video interview you have almost the same advantages as in the interview, but the effort is much less.

Why do you make such a big effort with new hostesses?

Whoever works with renowned and international clients stands with his name as an agency for quality. Accordingly, the staff recruited through the agency must always perform at 100%. To ensure that this is the case and that no unwanted failures occur, the Agency checks the quality of the applicants carefully. In the first small jobs small testings are made, are you on time? How do you respond to phone calls and e-mails? Did you organize yourself well before the job? What does the customer say to you, is there negative or positive feedback?

It is precisely these factors that the agency wants to get to know. So if you are invited for an interview, you have already made a big step! As previously described, applying to good hostess agencies like our monthly hundreds to thousands of people, get an invitation only the fewest, maybe five to ten a month. A very good step and the first in the direction of jobs.

Before you go to the agency you should definitely give your outfit. 99% of the job is about business, so your outfit should be adapted accordingly. Too casual, too much free time, an absolute no-go. Ideally, wear representative clothing on the first day. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear a suit or a blazer. However, you should think ahead and choose clothes that will suit your future job environment.

You don’t have to prepare application documents, you don’t need certificates from former employers either. Once you have taken the first step, it’s mainly about personality and charisma. So the best preparation is a serious outfit and a smile!

During the interview you should not only be passive, but also in later interviews it is important to establish communication. If you just listen to the whole conversation and don’t ask any active questions or bring yourself into the conversation, this will certainly be considered a negative point. After all, it’s about communicating with guests and visitors! So have the courage to ask proactive questions during the interview, tell something about yourself, talk about experiences and personal experiences. Who also discuss the topics of your counterpart when he or she talks about jobs in general, ask the question, which jobs would you do at the beginning? Many small points where you can get actively involved in the conversation. If you do this two or three times, you show that you are positive, motivated and above all interested in the job.

At the end of the conversation you usually do not get a direct confirmation or rejection. As in the job interview, the scout first makes a preliminary selection, which is then discussed with the team. It’s the same now, after your interview. You will be given a friendly farewell and will receive feedback within two or three days as to whether or not you will be accepted into the agency. If you made it, congratulations! Now it’s time for you to get set up.

Construction and development

As in a model agency, a hostess is also concerned with the construction. From images to fill your sedcard, to small training sessions given to some from the card index. These workshops focus on charisma and personality, as well as knowledge of the job and situations that can arise. From questions that can’t be answered to visitors or guests who are less talkative but still became information. In all situations you have to react correctly and be more or less active in the interaction.

But most of the building and development is in jobs! Through different customers, different temperaments, different industries, different places, each time you have to adjust to the situation anew. Of course, the team also changes, depending on how many people are needed or what special characteristics they need to have. From the external appearance to talent with languages.

So that customers can become aware of you, you first need a Sedcard. This sedcard will be made in a photo shoot for you. It is particularly important to have very professional and experienced photographers. Many people focus their sedcard on the theme of sexy, completely out of place if you want to make it into one of the renowned and first-class agencies. This is about seriousness, after all, you will later stand for millions, sometimes billions, of companies in the front row when it comes to communication. The selection process for applications is accordingly selective. In agencies that work with first-class customers from all industries, from automotive to insurance, trust in the staff is the decisive factor. This is also the reason why customers fall back on Hostess Services an agency. Maybe you know the typical saying, good personnel is hard to find! The job of a hostess agency is to find the best of the best for its clients.

With the entire selection process in the application process as well as the further increase of experience through practical jobs at trade fairs, presentations and galas, we as a hostess service can guarantee that our customers get exactly these people, the best of the best! Maybe you?

Job, reliability and subsequent postings

If you have been through all the stations for months, you will eventually get the first episode bookings. If you get follow-up bookings, this is a very good sign for you, because customers were satisfied with your work! Not only satisfied, even very satisfied, that’s why they’re looking for you again. You can only do this if you receive positive customer opinions from your clients, so that the agency can and will propose you for ever larger jobs and still renovated their clients. By this continuous increase you can not only increase your own treasure of experiences, your references and then customer portfolio, of course also your hourly wage increases.

Therefore, even at the beginning of the article was tolerated an important factor for you as a hostess. From your first thoughts to work as a hostess, to the step of the application, to the interview or casting in the agency, the first small jobs, the Sedcard Shooting in the photo studio, further small jobs and finally so much recognition from your agency and from customers that you are suggested and selected for more and more jobs.

How it works, how you can live and become a hostess!

Hostess application: Let’s go!

Now you’ve learned everything you need to know beforehand. What are the requirements, how does the job work, what does the agency expect from you and what do customers expect? No matter which job you are preparing for, the Technik Messe in Germany or the Touristikmesse in America, you know what is important and can familiarize yourself with jobs quickly and easily. If you say yes to all these points, then we are very happy about your application in our hostess agency!

Q&A: Questions and answers

Via Instagram, via our blog but also on YouTube we can reach many questions about hostess and hostess will be. Therefore here is our big Q&A with the most frequently asked questions and answers about hostesses.

What is a hostess?

The hostess definition says that a hostess is a person responsible for taking care of guests even for major events such as trade shows and galas.

A hostess is also a flight attendant. Especially in English-speaking countries, the term “Exhibition Model” is usually used for the job.

What is a Host / Hostess Service?

Hostess service is the name given to agencies that specialize in the placement of personnel for the care of guests. The areas of application are very diverse. The main focus of an agency is to find new talents for clients.

Customers have their core tasks and core competencies. This includes, for example, the construction of automobiles, the procurement of travel, but also the construction of buildings in the real estate industry. Events, such as measuring public relations, marketing or sales of products, are not part of the main tasks and accordingly customers want a reliable and professional management that takes care of the management of human resources in this area. After all, as a hostess you are not employed by the company but are booked separately as an expert for such events.

The second major task of a hostess service is the administration, organization and billing of jobs. This starts with the first travel planning, e.g. for flights and hotels, and ends with accounting and processing: full service.

Costs a hostess agency money?

No! No matter if hostess or model agency, there are always two different models. Some agencies rely on the large mass and want to have money from every money that is listed in the agency. The others, the good agencies,

How much do you earn as a host and hostess?

The earnings are always different. Unlike a normal employment relationship where you work 40 hours a week, 160 a month, the challenges here are always different. On the one hand your place of work is directly in the city, on the other hand you have to arrive extra. For one appointment you don’t have to learn anything extra, for the other job you have to include one day of preparation. As a rule, wages for jobs start at 12 € per hour. When the jobs become more demanding, of course there will be more. Who works professionally, who can be trusted, who collects good customer opinions, can earn up to 300, 400 Euro a day. After 10 days at the fair, you (as an experienced hostess) have earned 3,000 to 4,000 €. However, it is important to emphasize that you are self-employed as a hostess, i.e. at the end of the year income tax will be deducted if you earn a certain income threshold. This is about 40%. So if you have several such jobs a year, income tax will be deducted at the end. Of course, as an independent person you have to consider this and keep it in mind.

What is a setcard?

The Setcard is a simple and clear file in which customers can see you and compare you with other people. Therefore, the Sedcard usually only includes pictures, your arms and the most important information about body size and clothing. For many customers, your sedcard is looked at next to the messenger, and the basic selection criterion. After selecting the agency, the client compares the different sedcards with each other. Whether on a tablet or printed, here you can directly and directly look at the comparison between the different people.

The Sedcard will be created for you as a hostess usually once in the photo studio. If your look doesn’t change, you don’t need to take new photos. The four or five best photos of you will then be selected for this sedcard. It is important that you have a professional photographer at your first photo shoot who will set the scene for you just as you need it for high-quality customers. That means, very serious is picture material in the business look.

What’s an American portrait?

In photography there are different forms of portraits. For the Sedcard, printed and online, you need different pictorial material. You need a full body portrait, a portrait of your face, as well as the profile, and that means you from the side. So I can see the customer from the front but also see all the contours from the side. In addition there are photos with serious look and of course also photos with beautiful laughter. After all, as we have learned before, the job of a hostess depends in particular on friendliness. In addition, there are also different between formats, between the face portrait and the full body portrait. A typical shape is American.

An American portrait shows itself from the hip upwards. But why is it so, why is it called an American portrait? Remember Hollywood movies showing cowboys in the Wild West. The Colt, i.e. the pistol, always hangs on the belt and thus on the hip. When the cowboy pulls his gun, he pulls it all the way out of his hip. Since this portrait hip shape shows the face, it is called American. This is because cowboys in the former American Wild West always pulled the colt from their hips. Hence the name used internationally today.

How long does an interview usually take?

Interviews in a model agency, but also with us as a hostess agency usually do not take long. In a model agency such an interview can take only a few seconds, so a quick getting to know each other is called Go-See. We mention this because it also amounts to a casting for you at one or the other date. Many different people come together here so that the customer can get a live impression. This is what you do with longer-term jobs or jobs with a higher salary. In a situation like this, you just run back and forth to Julie. You briefly say your name, place of residence, introduce yourself, then it’s all over.

During your first interview at the agency you will of course have a little more time. This is about getting to know you and above all about giving you personal experiences from the hostess world. What do the first jobs depend on? What does the agency expect from you in terms of punctuality and availability? Such a conversation usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes, the first getting to know.

What color / outfit will I wear to the interview?

In a renowned and international hostess agency like ours, everything revolves around business. Therefore, the question of which outfits and which colors you should wear during an interview is answered relatively quickly. Whenever it comes to customers, guests and visitors, a serious appearance is also important. Therefore you should already pay attention to the choice of your clothes and colours during the first job interview. At an interview for the bank, in the hotel sector or even in a large corporation, how would you appear? Casual and casual in casual wear or serious in a blazer or white shirt? Should you rather wear a discreet, gray stepped or black or white trousers or a bright yellow trousers? The choice is clear, in the later job it depends on a serious appearance and you should put this already in the first interview in the hostess agency. Therefore, our recommendation for your interview is beaten serious clothes in business look. Not overdressed, after all it’s not about the post of managing director but so chic that you can represent a company seriously. The colors should be accordingly muted and if, only supplemented by highlights, e.g. a colored cloth or for men sporty sneakers, do not forget, never overdressed.

How can you prepare for an interview?

The best preparation is you yourself! What are your strengths? What are your experiences? Where you goin’? If you make a confident entrance, you already have the job peninsula bag! Besides the outfits we already discussed in the previous question, you should prepare yourself a little bit for the different fields of application, the Hostess Jobs. Here you will find all important tips for the individual tasks and jobs, as always free of charge:  Hostess jobs and tasks.

Become a model: Photo Shooting, Online Shops and Advertising – Application to Jobs

You want to be a model? Shootings for online shops, social media, look books, even entire advertising film productions, this is the big dream of many! You can make your dream come true today. The be-all and end-all of preparing for a model’s job is to know what the job is all about. Model jobs are extremely demanding. Facial expressions, gestures, self-organization and preparation are added later, as are travel and, of course, more complex jobs and more demanding clients. Depending on the areas in which you will later work as a model, many challenges await you. Therefore we want to give you today a comprehensive insight into what it means to work as a model. How can you be a model? How do you apply to a modeling agency? Here is our Model Guide for you, free and comprehensive! If you want to apply directly as a model in our agency, then it starts here:

The first step is the definition, what does a model do?

What does a model do?

As a model you stand with your face for a certain product or a brand. This makes you the figurehead and brand ambassador for the product or service. Accordingly, your appearance must be professional, then management but also you yourself with every single job.

Models do not only work as photo models in advertising but also in various other areas. At the beginning many young models gather their experience in collection handover and showrooms. Designers present their fashion to potential customers, buyers of large fashion chains or fashion boutiques. For this you always need models, a great chance for young girls and boys to gain their first experience. It is rare to be so close to the customer later on as in a showroom. Because the bigger the jobs become, the more members of the team are involved. At some point, the chief designer is no longer on site himself, only marketing employees. Another factor larger than a comma is the cooperation with advertising agencies. Here neither Dehner designer nor the designer is on site nor anybody from the brand. The entire production is coordinated by the advertising agency or production company. The customer receives the results first, at the very end of the production chain. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Because now we are talking about advertising films and large photo shoots for international brands. Dream job! Of course, the job also includes travelling, stays in great cities and many interesting and exciting personalities, from other models and make-up artists to photographers, creative art directors and of course designers themselves. In addition, it is not only about fashion but of course also about many other products and services from advertising. From automobile manufacturers to the furniture industry to banks, insurance companies and of course coffee chains, food supermarkets and technology such as new smartphones, ultra HD TV sets and much more.

Sounds interesting? It is! But for you to be able to get there, you have to be very ambitious, you have to be very motivated and you have to be patient, because nobody will be overnight. In order to have the perfect start into your modeling career, you should go to one of the top agencies. Welcome to STIL. Now let’s take a closer look at the requirements you must meet to become a model.

Jobs and prerequisites

From the collection handover of new fashion designs (for spring, summer, autumn, winter and also transition periods) to the commercial for the new smartphone, models in advertising must be able to do a lot! The A&O to become a model is the following points:

  • Motivation and ambition
  • Patience and trust
  • Personality and radiance
  • Reliability and punctuality
  • Accessibility

Of course, there is much to philosophize about which of these points has the greatest weight. But motivation and patience are crucial. Motivation drives you to become better yourself, you enjoy your job and the customers see that. Not only customers but also photographers, creative directors and advertising agencies feel this. In the job this brings you a lot because follow-up bookings are very important for you as a model. If you make a positive impression on the customer, there is a greater chance that he or she will book you for another production. Of course not only the customer, but also the photographer or the photographers on the set see your talent and your charisma and I would perhaps bring a new production, for a new customer, directly into conversation. The better the feedback from customers and photographers, the more trust your agency will place in you. The more trust you have, the bigger jobs you’ll be proposed for. Because in the end it’s all about reputation. Reputation is prestige, that is, what do the others think about us? Your reputation as a model depends above all on reliability and punctuality. In addition, there is the charisma and your personality, because with it you convince on site at the shootingset or in the photo studio.

If you bring these basic requirements for models with you, the guest will develop almost by himself with the help of your model management. Because you are highly motivated, have enough patience for your development, your reputation in the agency and with customers increases and with it the probability that you will be booked for jobs.

A long way but worth it! If you later stand in front of the camera for jobs and find yourself in the advertising clip or on the big billboard, then you know that you did everything right! The first step is always the model application. Let’s take a closer look at how a model application works and what you need to know to write for your model agency.

Model application and photos

A model application is in contrast to an application, which you may know from your everyday life, e.g. if you apply for a normal job, completely different and much shorter. Basically a model agency needs three central things from you:

  • Contact details
  • Body measurements and ready-made clothing
  • Picture material

Your contact details should include everything the model agency needs to call you back or write to you. Therefore you should have the following with you in your application:

  • First name and last name
  • Current residential address, or place where you live
  • Phone number
  • E-Mail address

Increasingly important for customers (and agencies) are social media accounts. If you are still bringing trouble with yourself, the customer has additional reach, e.g. if you report as a model backstage from the shooting or later post the results on your Instagram channel. That’s why you should always include your social media accounts in your model agency application if you have more than 1,000 followers, for example. In our application form for models the data will be requested anyway! No matter if 100, 1 000 or 10.000, social media should also play an important role for you in building your modeling career.

In addition there are your body measurements and clothing data, the most important are the following:

  • Body size
  • Confection size
  • Proportions around hip, waist, chest
  • Shoe size
  • Jeans size in width and length

If you have relevant interests and hobbies, you should mention them additionally. That includes all the things you know well. For example, if you are sporty and have been playing football, martial arts or ballet for a long time. Of course, musical knowledge also counts, e.g. when you play the violin or piano. You’re also good at acting? Then you should definitely mention that! Because for many jobs, you need more than just good looks. For example, if you’re driving a sports car, you should look authentic yourself, just as you would if you were playing football.

  • Sports skills
  • Acting experiences
  • Musical abilities

Last thing we got now is your photos. But do you need a professional photographer to apply to a model agency? No! All the scout in a modeling agency needs is photos of you in daylight. So in the simplest form you just grab a friend, wait for a beautiful day that is dry, not too sunny but also not too cloudy, you grab your smartphone and off you go, three photos, done! Important is, if you want to apply as a model, nothing should distract from you and your unique look. Therefore you should do without outfits, styling, make-up and any form of accessories. All you need is a plain white shirt or white top. In addition a plain black trousers and simple shoes. Afterwards you take three photos, portraits, American and full body. And the whole thing then turned sideways again so that you can see your figure and proportions from the side. Ready!

For the final application, three, four photos, the best ones are enough!

  • Photos with the smartphone in daylight
  • No professional photo shoot!
  • Watch out for daylight and be completely natural
  • Make three photos with serious look, portrait, American and full body
  • You make the same set now with laugh
  • Turn sideways 90° and take again three photos, portrait, American and full body

Select the three or four best photos from your photos to send with your application. Now all you have to do is write an e-mail or use the modelagentur application form. We recommend you to always use the application form of the model agency! Because here all data are queried, which the agency needs from you. So you don’t run the risk of sending too little or too much. What ultimately convinces is you, as natural and authentic as possible.

When do you get feedback from a modeling agency? After you have sent your application to the model agency, the scout of the agency will deal with it. As a rule, model agency scouts look at the applications once or twice a week. Job agencies like ours collect hundreds, sometimes even more than 1000 applications every month. So the first step is already the biggest hurdle, try your luck! Because if you make it to the interview or casting in the model agency, you are already one of the few or one of the few that have been selected. As a rule, a maximum of one percent of applicants are invited to the casting. If you get a positive feedback from the model agency, you will receive it within 3 to 7 days. And if you don’t get any feedback from me, model agency, you can take that as a rejection. Due to the high number of applications, cancellations are rarely sent. But this is already the first step to learn what it means to become a model. Because for jobs you are very often suggested at castings, of course you are not alone but there are usually five to ten others in the pool who are also all excellent and all want this one job. Realistically, you only get five to ten jobs every five years. This must not touch you as a model personally, of course, you will always get refusals. But in the meantime you have it, your international campaign, your commercial, your new reference! Consider the way to become a model always as a long-term goal, where do you want to be in 5 years, where do you want to be in 10 years? Model is a job like any other, you have high competition and there are a lot of good people. You will never become a great new talent without your own help, for you it is just as important to work on yourself every day, to improve yourself through jobs and to build up a positive image in your agency through punctuality, reliability and trust.

Casting and interview

The first big exam is your first casting or interview at the model agency! For the first time you will meet very experienced model agencies below of course to check exactly who is sitting in front of you. Photo shootings and advertising film productions are extremely costly and, of course, extremely associated with costs if failures occur. Especially when commercials are produced, the organizational expenses are even higher than at a photo shoot in the studio. Here come not only photographers, videographers and make-up artists Uwe stylists, various other actors are on the set, from marketing to extras, employees for special effects but also many assistants, for smaller jobs and errands. A lot depends on you as a model, you are the decisive person, you are the face of the campaign. All employees, all team members, all companies of course also the location comma everything is coordinated on this one day, on 8 to 10 hours. After that all people disperse again and the location is already prepared for the next appointment on the following day. There’s no second chance!

This lesson of a model agency is one of the main tasks in management. Clients rely on model agencies to have checked every possible doubt in advance so that the agency’s recommendation will definitely lead to the results desired by the campaign. In addition you are not alone on the set, other models are booked as friends, sometimes you also play family situation and, sometimes you should show a special emotion yourself, e.g. joy exclamation mark all this must look authentic and of course also work in harmony with each other. Because while the shutter release button is pressed on the camera, the entire set has to play together. From the props to the models. That’s why the selection process is so strict. That’s why it pays off for you to always try your hand at one of the big agencies like ours first, because this is where you have the largest customer network and the greatest potential for good jobs. At the same time top agencies expect top services from you.

So if you are invited to the casting, as an interview, you have already achieved a lot. Now it’s about convincing yourself. Our most important tip of all, smile! Who is sympathetic at the first moment and of course also later, always has advantages in life. That’s why you should make sure that you radiate friendliness right from the first appointment.

An interview usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes. Here you tell something about yourself but above all you will be explained how the job works. It also explains exactly what customers expect from you and thus also the agency. It will also explain how to get started and of course you will get valuable tips for the construction. The decision whether you will be accepted into an agency or not will not be made on this casting date. Usually you introduce yourself, then you say goodbye friendly and in the next 48 hours you get a feedback from the model scout. Because he or she always presents himself or herself first as a model in a team. There the bunker, that is the organizers of the customers, can assess again exactly whether your type fits up-to-date, whether your experiences are sufficient and how you appear personally and live. Because in particular charisma and personality are the capital of a model in advertising. As described before, the goal in the end is always to perform well so that the agency builds the confidence to bring you into the conversation for even bigger jobs.

Construction and development

Learning by doing! This proverb is very important for you comma when it comes to building and development because you need to gain practical experience. To get the big jobs later, you need patience. Nobody becomes a star overnight! Especially for young models who start at the age of 14, 15 or 16, the first step is school, school, school. Building a model takes time. The bigger the jobs get, the more experience you need. If you’re going to do a big commercial, the production costs are very high, as described above. No one can afford a failure or results that are not perfect. That’s why you usually start your career in showrooms and smaller shootings for social media. Through the first feedback from customers, the agency sees how you also perform independently. After all, the agency can do a lot for you, from planning shoots to traveling by plane. But on the production set you are all alone. What matters now is how independently you act. Are you the person who remembers the whole team as a positive model, who performed perfectly on the set and thus achieved all the results, or were you quiet and reserved? Were you punctually at the meeting point 5 minutes before your appointment or did a team of 10 have to wait 20 minutes for you? All these are small factors which will decide about your way in the model agency.

The more reliable you are, the higher are your chances for bigger jobs and of course for bookings from customers.

Model Application: Let’s go

Now you already know the most important thing to become a model! If you want to know more about it, then we have the most important jobs and tasks for models //////// link here

Q&A – Frequently asked questions and answers

Via instagram and via e-mail we reach daily many questions on the subject of Model werden. It’s about minimum measurements, requirements, basic questions but also more specific areas like curvy models, tattoo models and of course fitness models. We have collected the most frequently asked questions for you here! Everything important about modeling and becoming a model.

What dimensions do you need as a model?

Basically there are three different areas in modeling. Fashion models, people models and curvy models. Let’s look at all three areas in detail.

Models for fashion must be larger than average. Why is that? Originally fashion was mostly presented at fashion shows. Before Instagram, YouTube existed, even before TV, one of the few major PR channels for fashion designers was the fashion show. On a fashion show there is the catwalk, which is not always located on a higher level. So that the spectators, when they are not sitting, are almost at eye level with the models. In order for fashion to be easy to see, whether the audience is seated or standing, fashion designers need big models. Here comes directly a second factor into play, if there are 20 models at a fashion show, then ideally they should all be the same size. This makes the fashion show more coherent and the picture more harmonious. So it happens that until today fashion shows usually book models that are larger than the average citizen. The much bigger aspect, however, is that models should not distract from fashion. Campaigns, commercials and online shops are all about the fashion piece. Slim models are booked so that the clothes fall optimally. That’s how the fabrics fall, like on a dressmaker’s dummy. Rounding is thus avoided. If fashion is not specifically for curvy women, then almost all fashion designers fall back on slim, tall models. The measurements for fashion models at a glance:
High Fashion and Skin Couture</block ratio>
High Fashion and Haut Couture models work for the international fashion designers and usually in the fashion metropolises like Paris, Milan, London, New York, Hong Kong for big names like Prada, Hermés, Fendi, Versace or Dolce & Gabbana.

  • Women and girls 175 to 180 cm
  • men and boys 185 to 190 cm

Fashion and prêt-à-porter</block rate>
Fashion and prêt-à-porter models are the classic advertising faces you know from fashion catalogues, online shops and posters. They are not extremely thin but have few curves. The dimensions are a little bit more flexible at the top and bottom.

  • Women and girls 173 to 181 cm
  • men and boys 183 to 195 cm

The proportions should always be very slim, few muscles and few curves.

Curvy models, also known as plus size models, play an important role in the fashion industry. They embody a lifestyle and an authentic way of life that many of the visitors to online shops know about themselves. Curves are the everyday routine, the average woman has a clothing size of 48, did you already know that? Curvaceous women are therefore very often closer to the audience. This is exactly what advertising agencies and fashion designers appreciate when they book plus size models. Here the measurements don’t play a big role, although there are still a few ideal ones, just like with the high fashion models. Your size should be over 40. The body size is the same as with the Fashion Models, 173 – 180 cm for women.

People Models, i.e. models for advertising, have virtually no restrictions when it comes to dimensions. Here it is much more important to find people with real character or people with an absolutely extraordinary but still normal look what does that mean? Special freckles, a tooth gap, “best ager”, here there are many examples of different types that are used in advertising. Just think of the classic insurance commercial, here several types of models are needed directly. The young family, that means child models together with younger models, the just mentioned “best ager” models comma because the population is getting older, that means also you will be represented more and more often in advertising, tattoo models that give the alternative actors from Berlin, just like the fitness model that is currently in the studio and cares for their own health. Shootings for advertising and video productions are just as varied. For the nationwide supermarket chain, the technology manufacturer with its new smartphone, the new automotive models, fashion. The fields of application are as diverse as People Models themselves. Here it is not a question of minimum dimensions but of uniqueness.

What dimensions does a Curvy Model need?

As described above on the subject of minimum dimensions for models, curvy models do not have exact specifications, nor do high fashion models. However, there are already a few criteria that you have to fulfill as a plus size model or curvy model. Your clothing size should ideally be between 40 and 48 if you are a female model. Your height should be between 173 and 180 cm.

How to be a model?

Becoming a model means so much more than just good looks! Above all, you need two things, motivation and patience! Motivation helps you to constantly improve yourself. It helps you to stay on the ball all the time and in situations where it matters, like casting, you get the most out of yourself. You need patience, because nobody becomes a star overnight. It takes months to build a model if you are a younger model and still go to school, at 14 years, 15 years or 16 years, even years. After all, you must first concentrate fully on good grades so that you can orientate yourself well later in life. In addition, you will rarely have time for jobs that last several days or for jobs that require you to travel. You must always have your goal in mind but you can’t expect to be on the cover of Vogue tomorrow, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle or Marie Claire. But if you always work professionally and stay motivated, then the chances increase that sooner or later you will get such opportunities through your agency. It is important that you always think of the great supermodels of this world, they have often worked many years until they have made the breakthrough. But once you’ve made it, modeling is an absolute dream job!

What is a sedcard?

A Sedcard is an overview of your best photos. It is sent to the customer as a PDF or image collage and the selection is then made on the basis of the Sedcard. So the Sedcard is the summary of your model book, so to speak. The best four to six photos from all shootings come together here. If sooner or later you had 10 or 15 test shoots, maybe 20 or 30 customers, the selection will quickly become very large and extensive. That is why it is important for you to have a wide range of materials. If, for example, you have been a model for five sports shootings but have not yet had a shooting with a second person, then you should make sure that at the next test shooting with a photographer you have an effect of a shooting in which you will be photographed with a second or third tomorrow, instead of getting a sports set again. This is also the advantage of a model agency, it manages and organizes photo shootings. So on the one hand you only get good photographers and on the other hand you have exactly the right material for the customers, versatile and meaningful.

What’s an American portrait?

There are three basic types of portrait photography when you work as a model.

  • Portrait (from shoulder)
  • American portrait (from hip)
  • Whole body portrait

The basic form is the portrait, i.e. a photo of your face from the shoulder area. II Standard photo, what you need for every application in a model agency but also later for castings, when it comes to client jobs, is the full body portrait. The third form is the American portrait. The name derives from American Hollywood films in which actors used to pull the colt out of their hips. A real classic in give Wild Western movie. Hollywood always shows the cowboys with a picture sequence in which you can see hip to head. So you can see the actor’s facial expressions as well as how he pulls his pistol out of his hip belt. That’s why this portrait format is called American today.

Do I need photos of the photographer for the application?

The first time you apply to a model agency, you don’t need photos from a professional photographer! Many young people who want to become models think it would be helpful if they invested a lot of money in photographers. It’s not like that.

What does a model agency really need from you? Let’s start with the person who will see your application, the model scout. He or she has a lot of experience in advertising and model booking. After many years one has developed a fine feeling for it and he knows the external talent, on which it depends finally in the photo shooting, in few moments. But what does a model scout pay attention to? He wants to see you as natural as possible! Without make-up, without styling, no creative outfit ideas. Just you, a white shirt, black pants and plain shoes. You take the pictures yourself! Easy with the smartphone. Tip! Just ask a friend, a girlfriend or your parents. You should always stand in the daylight for that. Naturalness is the be-all and end-all if you want to apply with photos in a model agency.

Why don’t the photographer’s photos help? Test shoots you get as an inexperienced model or shoots you buy only rarely show you the way you are. The task of a model agency is to find out for its clients who is changeable. If you then have photo shootings in which you are hardly recognizable as a person, e.g. through make-up, hair styling, outfits or accessories, it is difficult to get an impression of you. Therefore, our absolute recommendation is to take photos with your smartphone in daylight! That’s all you need. In short, what do you need for your model application?

  • Application photos with the Smartphone
  • Daylight
  • No make-up, no styling, simple outfit
  • Portrait and full body photo
  • Portrait and full body photo from the side

How long does a job interview / casting usually take?

Castings in a model agency can be over very quickly. Basically there are two forms:

  • Go-See
  • Casting

A so-called go it is a very fast casting. Easiest explained by visiting a fashion week. Up to 200 models come to a casting and finally ten or fifteen are booked. If you have four hours for the casting, you have 240 minutes for all models. In short, there is hardly more than one minute left per model. But this does not only include the performance, within the minute it has to enter the room tomorrow, make a short catwalk, introduce itself briefly, go out again. All in 60 seconds. It’s a GoSee! So to speak you can see the fast and go on.

The normal casting offers a little more time. Usually one looks here at the photos of the model, which you bring along e.g. on a tablet. You talk a little or you even get the chance to play a small role or show a few breaks. Such a casting usually lasts between 3 and 5 minutes.

Your very first casting, the performance at the model agency, gives you even more time! Here not only you introduce yourself, of course you also get a lot of information from your model agency. Such an interview then takes 20 to 30 minutes.

What color, shoes and outfit to interview?

The outfit and yes, also the colour is an important topic during the interview in the model agency. Fortunately, the rules are quite simple. For the casting you wear the following clothes:

  • Black or white, plain shirt or optionally top for women
  • Black or white, plain trousers
  • Black, brown or white, plain shoes, optionally high heels for women
  • No make-up, no accessories
  • hairs open, not styled

That’s it, the most important prerequisites for your interview. With these tips, you score with naturalness and convince with your personality!

How do I prepare for an interview?

What do I need to know when I visit a model agency for the first time? Fortunately, this question is also very easy for you to answer. If you want to apply for the first time in a model agency, you don’t need any previous knowledge. Nobody expects you to be any good at anything. What is important for you is motivation! As long as you are ambitious and your model agency can feel and see this immediately, you are perfectly prepared for the job if the remaining requirements are right in terms of size and attractiveness.

Apart from your attitude to the subject of models, only punctuality and your outfit are important. We have already answered the question about outfits and colours at the interview before, just look up!

Costs a modeling agency money?

No! A model agency never costs you money! If you apply to an agency as a model and they talk about costing, you should take a direct distance. Renowned and reputable model agencies like ours want to earn money together with you as a model. If you don’t have any jobs, maybe you want to do something else after all, you never have to pay money.

How much do you make as a model?

How much does a model make? The question is asked very often. The topic cannot be estimated uniformly, depending on whether one works for a fashion show or for an advertising campaign the merit of a model differs. For a simple showroom, i.e. a small fashion show, the presentation of a collection by a fashion designer, a model usually earns between 100 and 500 €. Depending on the experience and the customer, the earnings differ. If you manage to be booked later for larger commercials or also for larger campaigns, e.g. international, then your earnings increase accordingly. Because then it is not only about your daily rate but also about usage rights, e.g. if a TV commercial is not only to be broadcast in Germany but also in Canada and Japan. Therefore one cannot quantify concretely how much money a model earns. The earnings and the salary are based on the respective jobs and of course also on the individual customers.