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Off-White, trend brand

American designer Virgil Abloh launched the fashion label in Milan in 2012. Although he never completed any design training at all, his creations are still received fantastically by customers from all over the world. At first the company only existed under the name “PYREX VISION”. However, this came under heavy criticism, which is why the designer completely redesigned the brand and named it “Off-White”. The name came about when Abloh wanted to describe the grey zone, made of black and white. There are now 24 shops and several sales areas in large department stores such as Barney, Selfridges, Harrods and Le Bon Marché. Fashion is available online via international sales platforms such as “Net-a-Porter” and “” and is regularly sold out.

Cooperation with Nike etc.

The philosophy behind Off-White is to spread the fashion of today, which is already largely influenced by streetwear, and to bring it to the catwalks and luxury boutiques of the world. The quotation marks, the arrows, and many zippers, which have a strong recognition value on the streets, are particularly formative. The casual style of the brand has led to collaborations with Nike, Levi, Jimmy Choo, IKEA and Évian, among others. Due to the limited editions of the individual collections, however, the price for the hypertext parts is being driven up more and more and collectors and enthusiasts are investing large amounts for the individual parts. In June 2019, the label finally entered into a cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and created a new blue tone for the Nike Air Force One.

Originally, the label was characterised by simple colours such as grey, white and black. Over the years, more and more strong tones such as orange, red, turquoise and yellow were added, which naturally attracted attention. The clothing is cut rather wider for a comfortable wearing comfort and casual style.

The American designer also made a name for himself over time at the Paris Fashion Week and also proved his skills with extravagant robes. Cool creations in unusual combinations appeal so much to the audience that the series of shows are decorated year after year by numerous prominent guests.

All about Off-White: Foundation, Recognition and Luxury

Once again briefly summarized:

  • 2012 Foundation of American Virgil Abloh in Milan
  • at first only under the name “PYREX VISION”
  • 24 retail stores and several sales areas (Barney, Selfridges, Harrods, Le Bon Marché)
  • Philosophy to bring streetwear to the catwalks and luxury boutiques
  • recognition value through quotation marks, arrows, and many zippers
  • Cooperations among others with Nike, Levi, Jimmy Choo, IKEA and Évian
  • June 2019 Cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Paris Fashion Week, series are occupied by numerous prominent guests

Video: Fashion designer Virgil Aboloh in interview with GQ

In an interview with GQ, Virgil Abloh gave insights into his sources of inspiration and the origins of the company.

Belt from Off-White

The colorful cords are real eye-catchers and peppen simple outfits skillfully on! The best known and at the same time most popular version is the one in a bright yellow, but also green, blue and red are very popular. They are a little reminiscent of suitcase straps, thus providing the uncomplicated, deliberate look for which the company stands. With about 140 Euro they are not exactly a bargain, but they fulfil their purpose as “Stylight” all the time!

Pockets – Handle pockets & Co.

The company focuses on straight cuts, especially when it comes to the shape of the bags. The rather box-shaped models look classically chic, but at the same time super cool! Here, too, great importance is attached to a simple design. Most of the exclusive leather models are in black and white, yet a few objects stand out again in the eye of the beholder through bright colours.

Off-White not only uses high-quality leather goods to create bags, but also conventional materials such as jute and plastic. So the whole look looks much more everyday and a big shopper is super practical for on the go! In vibrant shades, like the sunny yellow shown here, you immediately stand out as a style queen! Another practical fact: Your partner can also borrow the practical all-rounder without attracting attention on the street!

Sneaker with cable tie – Details

The special eye-catcher at the shoes of Off-White are of course the cable ties. The minds argue about the correct handling of the unique detail. Some cut them off immediately after purchase, others see them as an absolute design element. But one thing is generally clear with the shoes of the American label, they are not only noticeable through the cable ties, but also immediately catch the eye through unique colors! Clearly, the original colours, white, black and grey, play a major role, but are increasingly combined with strong tones.

Video: zip tie tag

Through the never-ending debate, Off-White has released a video in which the label tells its buyers what to do with the cable ties! Look at it and understand what founder Virgil Abloh was thinking!

Accessories: Small eye-catchers with a big effect

No matter if small bag, laptop case, key fob or cap, the hype doesn’t stop! The trendy, simple design is unisex and is great for both sexes. Without playful details and kitschy patterns, you can finally be on your way in a functional way and the style aspect is definitely not lost, but rises rapidly! Conclusion: the investment is worth it!

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Oversized cut they look super casual on women as well as men! They are available in different colours and designs, with many motifs, but also plain objects. On average you pay about 200 – 800 Euro for one of the coveted specimens. Not a bargain for the best of intentions, but super easy to combine and high quality due to the simple presence.

Online and in stores

On the one hand, the cool pieces are of course available in the company’s own online shop, but on the other hand, the international online retailers, such as “Mytheresa”, “farfetch”, “MR PORTER” etc. are fighting over the coveted pieces.

So you see, you have different ways to get the parts, but we recommend you to be quick, because sizes and models are limited and usually sold out within a few hours!

YouTube Videos: Belt, Bag, Shoes & Co

Are you interested in what other people or influencers of Off-White possess? Then you should definitely take a look at these Hauls. Here the bloggers tell what they bought where, how satisfied they are with the products and how they combine them! Here you will find a few suggestions, just have a look through, because just when you want to make an investment like this, research is the A&O!

Off-White Haul

The Finnish blogger Sofia Susanne turns out to be a true off-white fan. The student regularly presents outfits and Hauls, in which she presents the stylish pieces of the brand and skillfully sets them in scene. If you want to know how she combines the different things, just drop by her channel!

Haul Off-White, Supreme, Cartier, Gucci & More!

Among her luxury articles, of course, nothing from Off-White should be missing! In her Haul, blogger Kenzie Meads reveals what she has achieved.

Fashion shows

Off-White also joined the business “Fashion Shows” a few years ago and landed real success with the men’s collection as well as with women’s fashion. Since then the label does not stand

Off-White SS 2020 Menswear Paris Fashion Week

The collection, presented by designer Virgil Abloh at the Fashion Week in Paris, was created in cooperation with the New York-based artist Futura, Lenny McGurr. The show was called Plastic. Parts of the collection adorned Grafiti pictures. In a field with white flowers the models ran and showed themselves to the international guests.

Off-White FW 2019 / 2020 Fashion Show

Characteristic for this show were again light tones, combined with dark colour nuances. Fabrics such as silk, leather and metallic set great accents and refined the individual looks. Again and again fashion in pink, green and yellow was shown and caught the eye of the viewer! Absolute highlight of the show was the international supermodel Karlie Kloss, in a sweeping robe, with matching XXL shopper in sunny yellow!

Off-White SS 2019 Fashion Show

International models such as Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber were already running at the shows of the American designer and presented the unique creations to the invited guests. This show used particularly light colours, so that specimens in white, light yellow and blue-grey came to light. Neon accessories also set stylish highlights and completed the show!

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