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The perfect model for the online store, photo shootings or promotional film to find difficult! Because the choice is large and ultimately it is not only the expression and appearance that counts, but also professionalism and experience. When booking a model, there are many different influencing factors that determine the success of a booking. Many people come together on the day of production: Photographer, make-up artist, assistant, stylist, videographer and of course the location – in the photo studio or outdoors. At this moment it depends on everyone involved, but especially the model is in the foreground of the shooting set – all eyes are on the model, the performance must be right! Timing, experience, facial expressions, gestures, so much plays a part in photo shootings or video shoots. Our model agency is your contact. We help with the model search, talk to you about the details and prepare briefings, we take over the communication and the arrangement, up to the travel planning. So you can fully concentrate on your photo shooting or video production! If you have any questions about the model booking or if you already have a concrete project, we are looking forward to your call or e-mail!

The perfect model

The charisma, the personality is the A&O for success! The perfect model for the job must be able to do a lot, no matter what it’s about. Fashion show, photo shoot, commercial. But motivation is always in the foreground, because that is the basic requirement for good models. Plus the look! The authentic cast for mother and father, plus size models for curvy fashion, fitness models for nutrition and sports products or best ager models for commercials. In our model file you are sure to find the right cast for your project!

Every day our team is looking for the best talent in the country! For unique photos and videos. If you have any questions, please contact our agency now and we will help you with your search, with various suggestions and offer all services around the booking of models.

We represent various areas, including among others:

Model Jobs: Best Ager, Fitness and Teens

In our model file you will find all important characters, best ager, tattoo, teen, strong women, cool men, long beards. With our selection and selection we simplify for customers the process of model search and model selection. Our portfolio includes models for various tasks, but the main focus is on them:

Online Shop and Advertising

Online shops are the ultimate sales channel today. Especially through the possibilities of mobile data usage, search functions of search engines, social media such as Instagram and YouTube, online sales have been growing continuously for years. More products are sold online every year. Accordingly, the presentation of one’s own products is very important. In comparison to the competition, it’s about setting yourself apart and standing for something unique, a reason to return and a reason to recommend something further. Whether it’s family or best friends, looks are important. Lifestyle products in particular, from high-quality smartphone manufacturers to dream trips to distant destinations, high-quality photographs are one of the sales arguments. The models have to be trained and experienced accordingly.

Who is booked on a photo shooting for an Onlineshop, that must master usually many looks, facial expressions and emotions. During the booked time many recordings have to be made. For fashion online shops 20, 30 or 40 pieces. For other online shops, e.g. with goods, jobs can become even more special. Imagine now the classic DIY spot, the booked model should storm as an energetic craftsman through your own garden with chainsaw, axe and drill. Here it is not only a matter of convincing as a model, the individual products must also be served authentically. The same principle applies of course not only to fashion and DIY stores but also to many other industries such as automobiles, technology manufacturers but also producers of food. With our agency expertise you are guaranteed to find the right cast for your online shop shooting!

Best Ager Model

Best Ager models are a real rarity! There are a lot of boys and girls who want to become models, with older models it is often different, because often you already have a career. Not everyone therefore comes back to the idea of trying to be a model. It is therefore relatively difficult to find good Best Ager models for your own productions, the market is very manageable! This is one of the main reasons why our customers like to take advantage of our talent because we scout for new talent every day. But it is not only important that a model has a certain age, of course you also have to have the classic skills and knowledge that an advertising model has to bring with it.

The charisma, the personality is also here the A&O for success! Best Ager models are becoming more and more relevant in advertising, because due to the demographic development in many countries of the world, the average population is getting older. Of course, the media content must be adapted accordingly. This is why more and more models are appearing in advertising at an older age, a great opportunity for customers to tap new target groups, but also for models. For automobile commercials, fashion, but also products such as banks and insurance, Best Ager Models are in every respect a gain for your own public relations.

Our models have the experience that they can use for a successful appearance, we help you to find the models that give your commercial the charisma it deserves.

Plus Size Models for oversizes

Authentic models are not only faces from everyday life, but also sizes and proportions. Plus Size Models are more and more in demand, not only in the field of fashion. The average clothing size of a woman is 48, but in advertising you often see clothing sizes 34, 36. Of course not every customer feels addressed by this promotion. Therefore it is important for many to draw an always authentic picture in advertising. Plus size models, also known as curved models, are absolutely in tune with the times. That is why we are very pleased that even our plaster models are increasingly being booked for online stores and promotional films. They bring not only experience on set, but also an extreme joy of life! Her everyday life revolves around nutrition, sport and exercise, lifestyle, a very good role model and a great brand ambassador for her brand.

Fitness Model for Sports and Nutrition

Fitness models are needed at many locations, from poster advertising in the city centre, trade fairs for new products and product presentations to online shop photo shoots. Sport plays an important role for many in every season, it is about the perfect bikini figure in the summer, in the winter it is about the pounds you gain over the Christmas season. Nutrition, diets, sports, a real permanent topic. Of course, as a brand you also need the perfect brand ambassador, i.e. models who are not only familiar with exercises and training sessions but also with the various nutrition concepts. After all, you are a role model if you are booked for an advertising campaign. Since it is not only about a beautiful smile but also about movements, of course also about muscles, with the moving film often also about performance, for example sprinting, jumping and so on. The job of a fitness and sports model is therefore very demanding, so the preparation is much more intensive than that of a fashion model. After all, the figure must not only be built up, it must also not appear too muscular and must be defined accordingly for the market. That is, not too little and not too much.

Fitness models also have different tasks, at trade fairs they are there for motivation, they present new products but also new ideas. In addition to trade fair jobs, there are also other tasks, such as fashion shows. Here the models usually do not have the classical task to present fashion in a very elegant run, often they have to bring additional inserts, e.g. dancing, exercises or interact with other models. Quite different from a classic fashion show in the area Haute Couture and Pret-a-porter.

If you are looking for the perfect fitness model for your new sports brand or the next trade fair presentation, then we look forward to hearing from you!

Bikini models for summer

In summer we are drawn to the nearby lake, in winter we travel to distant dream destinations. Beachwear and bikinis are always on vogue. Of course, photo productions must be carried out accordingly frequently, for online shops, catalogues, lookbooks but of course also POS advertising campaigns and commercials. Bikini models have special requirements compared to fashion models, here we are talking about the proportions.

While the proportions of fashion models move along a very slim line, bikini models need more curves accordingly. In addition to the higher proportions, there is also a sexy look, which must not only be presented by the body but also by the looks. This requires a lot of practice and experience! Because not everyone manages to present in front of a camera team the sensuality that you need, for example, at a shooting on the beach, in the sunset, when it comes to showing seductive looks. Beside this topic there are many more, which you have to present perfectly as a bikini model. Commercial laughter is a very big part of the job, after all it’s about fun and enjoyment on the beach. Whether alone in front of the camera, with a male or female model as a partner or also as a family shooting with child models, the job is demanding. In addition to the actual product, the bikini, there are also props. For example water balls, beach umbrellas or sun cream. Of course, all movements must harmonize with the posture, the body language and also the gaze.

Maldives, Balearic Islands, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Bali or also Los Angeles and Miami, we help you not only with the model search but also with the entire trip planning and organization for your photo shooting. Of course not only for the dream destinations of this world, even if it goes to the photo studio, e.g. in Berlin or London! We look forward to receiving your project enquiry via telephone or e-mail.

Lingerie / Underwear Model

Seductive looks are not only needed as a bikini model, of course especially as lingerie and underwear model. Also here there are many characters, which are illustrated by the advertisement. From the face as a model, to freckles, the small tooth gap or even the larger bust. Various factors play a role in the booking process. But one thing is always the same, the proportions have to be right and of course tend to be more curved than with normal fashion models.

Tattoo Model: Edgy City Look

Tattoo Models are especially popular for campaigns concerning urban looks, street looks but also campaigns for modern products as well as lifestyle and of course events such as festivals. Accordingly, characters are also sought that fit the respective subject area. For the authentic look on posters, in online advertisements but also on tickets. That’s how advertising is done these days! Our model agency helps you of course also with the mediation of tattoo models. With different looks from full body tattoo to single, very elegant tattoos

Teen model for children and young adults

In our model agency you can start as a model at the age of 15! Of course, teams are also often needed for online shops and advertising. TEEN MODELS bring youthful freshness for dusty products, but also the right effect with the desired target group, therefore we mediate already from 15 years to be able to present to our customers a corresponding selection. If you are looking for a teen model, contact our team, we will be happy to help you with your booking request and find the perfect teen model for you!

Male Model / Male Model

Important to mention extra, Male Models! Many men need a little push to be interested in the subject of modeling, because in the rarest cases they themselves assume that they can work well as a model. Especially in advertising, male models are in high demand, no matter if it’s about new cars, technical products like smartphones or luxurious accessories like watches. Male models do not only represent an elegant style, of course they also fit perfectly into the muesli commercial, the insurance or the bank. Family shootings, alone in front of the camera, for the online shop or also for commercials. Men models have a challenging job because they have to define their body for a good look in front of the camera, but they also have to make sure that your body doesn’t look too trained to be in line with the average person. In addition to the trained fitness models in the Male Models area, there are of course also the classic commercial models. Men with small belly beginnings, with longer bath or also with long hair, from tattoo model up to the Best Ager man, in our model agency you find a large selection of experienced man models for your advertising campaign or your next photo shooting.

Book advertising model

Are you looking for the perfect model for your next photo shoot or for your next promotional film? Our model agency team is looking forward to your inquiry, we help you with the model search, model selection, the entire planning as well as the approach and organization, but if desired also the travel planning and organization. You have the full service of a model agency and can fully concentrate on your next project or production. We relieve him of the most important tasks in the area of Model Management! Do you have any questions or need advice? Get in contact with us now.

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