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Gucci – the brand

The Italian label was founded in 1921 by saddle master Guccio Gucci. It all began in a small workshop for leather goods and luggage near Florence and grew over time. Until then, in the end, the company expanded abroad out of an emergency situation and found favour in foreign areas as well. Even then, the design was often oriented towards equestrian sports and classic cuts and patterns. Through the high-quality materials, such as leather and bamboo, the company established itself more and more as a luxury brand and became known worldwide especially through the symbol of the interlocked stirrups and the intertwined G´s, in memory of the former founder of the company, Guccio Gucci.

Today, the luxury company has an annual turnover of around 7 billion euros and is one of the most popular brands in the high-priced sector. The brand is also particularly popular with prominent customers such as Jared Leto or singer Beyoncé, reality star Kylie Jenner and Victoria´s Secret Angel Romee Strijd. But it’s not just international celebrities who buy from Gucci; the million-dollar mark is also popular with Germans. Among others, Rapper Capital Bra and presenter Sylvie Meis also own one or the other piece from the hip brand. Especially for the German bloggers, leather goods and fashionable trend parts are a popular accessory to spice up the looks.

Gucci Museum and Star Restaurant

A small fact: there was even a Gucci museum for a while. Creative Director Alessandro Michele has designed and redesigned this. Today it bears the name Gucci Garden and includes a restaurant run by star chef Massimo Bottura. Also the Gucci Garden Galleria, exhibition spaces divided by theme, showing history, advertising campaigns and retro objects. The symbol is the so-called “Gucci Eye”. It is a hypnotic territory that is supposed to change one’s own state of consciousness and perception. The whole thing is located in the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence and is definitely worth a visit. In addition to the Star Restaurant and the showrooms, the range is complemented by a boutique.

baby and children’s fashion

The classic collection for adults will be extended, with the one for babies and children. Sweaters, dresses, special backpacks and bags and, for example, flip flops are among the customers’ current favourites. The collections for the junior clientele of the upper class are just as high-priced.

Once again briefly summarized:

  • 1921 Foundation of luxury companies
  • Founder was saddle master Guccio Gucci
  • inspired by equestrian sports
  • Classical cuts and patterns
  • interlocked stirrups / intertwined G´s form symbol
  • yearly turnover approx. 7 billion Euro
  • Gucci Garden includes a star restaurant and showrooms
  • There are baby and children collections

handbags & co.

It all started with the design of bags in 1921 and even today they are still brought to women in abundance! It is especially the classic models that customers enthusiastically buy and like to dig a little deeper into their pockets because they appreciate the high-quality materials. Classic forms models and materials result in a stylish and timeless image and the investment pays off. They are available in all possible shapes and colours, but the absolute bestsellers are classic colours such as cream, red, moss green and black.

Belt for men

The Italian label not only produces women’s accessories, but also small leather pieces including belts that adorn the man. Very popular are the classics, consisting of a leather belt with a striking buckle on which the intricate G´s are illustrated. The slightly more casual, but equally trendy version is the one with an elastic band instead of the leather belt. This adorns the typical colors red and green. Either way, a real eye-catcher who decorates the male hips!

Shoes: Loafer, the trend shoe

Loafer, an absolute trend shoe for over 60 years! Anyone who thought that the fancy kicks had only been around for a few years was absolutely wrong. The son of the founder Guccio Gucci, Aldo Gucci, designed the first shoe of this type in 1953. Since then, it has been constantly modified and the shoe, once intended for business men, has been available for women in various patterns, colours and versions for some time. Made of fine leather it is a high quality shoe. In recent years, versions with open verses, inner fur and appliqués have been launched on the market and the eye-catching models have turned out to be real trend shoes!

Here you can see the open loafer version in neon pink and with flower pattern. Super trendy and with small details, like the heart on the inside of the shoe!

Loafer, a little different! Here you can see the typical Gucci shoe in different versions. Once in velvet optics with bee application on the shoe cap in turquoise. On the other hand a simple version in moss green.

Jewellery and other accessories

Not only garments are popular in the Gucci stores. The range of accessories is also growing all the time. Sunglasses, small leather goods, watches, jewellery and other small parts are very popular with customers! Often snake heads, or the logo, the intertwined G´s flow into the design of the individual pieces. A popular motif is also the bee, which is decorated with pearls and stones to give a great appearance.

Gucci rings, in the shape of a bee, the typical symbol of Gucci, next to the intertwined G´s. Decorated with pearls and coloured stones.

Gucci Shop

Worldwide the label owns approx. 540 shops and additionally still sales areas in department stores. So no matter where you are, you have the opportunity to shop at Gucci.

Campaigns: Perfume & Fashion

For this year’s campaign for the Gucci perfume “Gucci Guilty”, songwriter Lana Del Rey and singer Jared Leto were chosen. They represent American life, beyond social expectations and norms. The music video was shot in Los Angeles. Here, too, a retro style is deliberately created, the viewer automatically moves to a different time. He gets the feeling that he also needs “Gucci Guilty” in order to experience a kind of time travel.

In the latest commercial for the current men’s collection, Harry Styles once again stands in front of the camera for the luxury label. In a retro style he is photographed with pigs and swans. He wears clothes in strong red and pink tones. Gucci campaigns stand for unusual combinations and are always presented in an interesting and different way.

Here you can find the clip of the current Gucci campaign with British singer Harry Styles!

Gucci Sale: Outlet in Roermond

There are several outlets offering clothing, leather goods and accessories at lower prices. There you can find parts from past collections or exhibits. One of the most famous outlets in Germany, Holland is the one in Roermond. Besides Gucci there are many other luxurious stores and a visit really pays off! Further locations are in Ingolstadt and Metzingen, where Gucci merchandise is offered for sale.

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Gucci facts: You didn’t know that!

Find out what Gucci has to do with Unicef, how the innovative Bamboo Bag came about and much more. Guaranteed some facts you didn’t know!

Fashion Haul

The blogger turns out to be a true Gucci fan and describes herself as addicted to Gucci products. If you also want to buy a piece of the trend label soon, such a video can be really helpful to get to know the products a bit closer. Take a look at it!

Fashion shows

Here you can find the breathtaking shows of the past years! Every year it’s a real highlight and everyone is eager to get one of the coveted places! Models, actresses and fashions, such as the editor-in-chief of the American Vogue Anna Wintour, Dakota Johnson, Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, Harry Styles and Blake Lively, adorn the frontrow of the shows.

Gucci Cruise 2020 fashion show

The Fashion Show, 2020 took place in the Capitoline Museum in the heart of Rome and solidarity with the “Pro Chioce” movement. Alessandro Michele, was inspired among other things by the popular Boho look. He combined this with clear battle announcements and printed his garments with statements such as “My body, My choice”.  As a clear statement, he also spoke out in favour of the right to abortion. Take a look at the fancy creations of the future in the live version now!

Gucci Cruise 2019 fashion show

The fashion show 2019 had the motto “Gothic” and still had a little 1700s Vibe playing! Music by Resina, Ben Lee and Emre Ramazanoglu created a mystical atmosphere with a touch of rock and roll. Here you can find the whole version of the show!

Gucci Cruise 2018 fashion show

The show 2018 took place in 7 rooms of the Palatine Gallery in Pitti Palace. The Renaissance exerted a strong influence, bringing crystals, pearls and large pieces of jewellery into play.

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