Off-White – Sneaker & Streetwear!

Off-White, trend brand

American designer Virgil Abloh launched the fashion label in Milan in 2012. Although he never completed any design training at all, his creations are still received fantastically by customers from all over the world. At first the company only existed under the name “PYREX VISION”. However, this came under heavy criticism, which is why the designer completely redesigned the brand and named it “Off-White”. The name came about when Abloh wanted to describe the grey zone, made of black and white. There are now 24 shops and several sales areas in large department stores such as Barney, Selfridges, Harrods and Le Bon Marché. Fashion is available online via international sales platforms such as “Net-a-Porter” and “” and is regularly sold out.

Cooperation with Nike etc.

The philosophy behind Off-White is to spread the fashion of today, which is already largely influenced by streetwear, and to bring it to the catwalks and luxury boutiques of the world. The quotation marks, the arrows, and many zippers, which have a strong recognition value on the streets, are particularly formative. The casual style of the brand has led to collaborations with Nike, Levi, Jimmy Choo, IKEA and Évian, among others. Due to the limited editions of the individual collections, however, the price for the hypertext parts is being driven up more and more and collectors and enthusiasts are investing large amounts for the individual parts. In June 2019, the label finally entered into a cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and created a new blue tone for the Nike Air Force One.

Originally, the label was characterised by simple colours such as grey, white and black. Over the years, more and more strong tones such as orange, red, turquoise and yellow were added, which naturally attracted attention. The clothing is cut rather wider for a comfortable wearing comfort and casual style.

The American designer also made a name for himself over time at the Paris Fashion Week and also proved his skills with extravagant robes. Cool creations in unusual combinations appeal so much to the audience that the series of shows are decorated year after year by numerous prominent guests.

All about Off-White: Foundation, Recognition and Luxury

Once again briefly summarized:

  • 2012 Foundation of American Virgil Abloh in Milan
  • at first only under the name “PYREX VISION”
  • 24 retail stores and several sales areas (Barney, Selfridges, Harrods, Le Bon Marché)
  • Philosophy to bring streetwear to the catwalks and luxury boutiques
  • recognition value through quotation marks, arrows, and many zippers
  • Cooperations among others with Nike, Levi, Jimmy Choo, IKEA and Évian
  • June 2019 Cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Paris Fashion Week, series are occupied by numerous prominent guests

Video: Fashion designer Virgil Aboloh in interview with GQ

In an interview with GQ, Virgil Abloh gave insights into his sources of inspiration and the origins of the company.

Belt from Off-White

The colorful cords are real eye-catchers and peppen simple outfits skillfully on! The best known and at the same time most popular version is the one in a bright yellow, but also green, blue and red are very popular. They are a little reminiscent of suitcase straps, thus providing the uncomplicated, deliberate look for which the company stands. With about 140 Euro they are not exactly a bargain, but they fulfil their purpose as “Stylight” all the time!

Pockets – Handle pockets & Co.

The company focuses on straight cuts, especially when it comes to the shape of the bags. The rather box-shaped models look classically chic, but at the same time super cool! Here, too, great importance is attached to a simple design. Most of the exclusive leather models are in black and white, yet a few objects stand out again in the eye of the beholder through bright colours.

Off-White not only uses high-quality leather goods to create bags, but also conventional materials such as jute and plastic. So the whole look looks much more everyday and a big shopper is super practical for on the go! In vibrant shades, like the sunny yellow shown here, you immediately stand out as a style queen! Another practical fact: Your partner can also borrow the practical all-rounder without attracting attention on the street!

Sneaker with cable tie – Details

The special eye-catcher at the shoes of Off-White are of course the cable ties. The minds argue about the correct handling of the unique detail. Some cut them off immediately after purchase, others see them as an absolute design element. But one thing is generally clear with the shoes of the American label, they are not only noticeable through the cable ties, but also immediately catch the eye through unique colors! Clearly, the original colours, white, black and grey, play a major role, but are increasingly combined with strong tones.

Video: zip tie tag

Through the never-ending debate, Off-White has released a video in which the label tells its buyers what to do with the cable ties! Look at it and understand what founder Virgil Abloh was thinking!

Accessories: Small eye-catchers with a big effect

No matter if small bag, laptop case, key fob or cap, the hype doesn’t stop! The trendy, simple design is unisex and is great for both sexes. Without playful details and kitschy patterns, you can finally be on your way in a functional way and the style aspect is definitely not lost, but rises rapidly! Conclusion: the investment is worth it!

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Oversized cut they look super casual on women as well as men! They are available in different colours and designs, with many motifs, but also plain objects. On average you pay about 200 – 800 Euro for one of the coveted specimens. Not a bargain for the best of intentions, but super easy to combine and high quality due to the simple presence.

Online and in stores

On the one hand, the cool pieces are of course available in the company’s own online shop, but on the other hand, the international online retailers, such as “Mytheresa”, “farfetch”, “MR PORTER” etc. are fighting over the coveted pieces.

So you see, you have different ways to get the parts, but we recommend you to be quick, because sizes and models are limited and usually sold out within a few hours!

YouTube Videos: Belt, Bag, Shoes & Co

Are you interested in what other people or influencers of Off-White possess? Then you should definitely take a look at these Hauls. Here the bloggers tell what they bought where, how satisfied they are with the products and how they combine them! Here you will find a few suggestions, just have a look through, because just when you want to make an investment like this, research is the A&O!

Off-White Haul

The Finnish blogger Sofia Susanne turns out to be a true off-white fan. The student regularly presents outfits and Hauls, in which she presents the stylish pieces of the brand and skillfully sets them in scene. If you want to know how she combines the different things, just drop by her channel!

Haul Off-White, Supreme, Cartier, Gucci & More!

Among her luxury articles, of course, nothing from Off-White should be missing! In her Haul, blogger Kenzie Meads reveals what she has achieved.

Fashion shows

Off-White also joined the business “Fashion Shows” a few years ago and landed real success with the men’s collection as well as with women’s fashion. Since then the label does not stand

Off-White SS 2020 Menswear Paris Fashion Week

The collection, presented by designer Virgil Abloh at the Fashion Week in Paris, was created in cooperation with the New York-based artist Futura, Lenny McGurr. The show was called Plastic. Parts of the collection adorned Grafiti pictures. In a field with white flowers the models ran and showed themselves to the international guests.

Off-White FW 2019 / 2020 Fashion Show

Characteristic for this show were again light tones, combined with dark colour nuances. Fabrics such as silk, leather and metallic set great accents and refined the individual looks. Again and again fashion in pink, green and yellow was shown and caught the eye of the viewer! Absolute highlight of the show was the international supermodel Karlie Kloss, in a sweeping robe, with matching XXL shopper in sunny yellow!

Off-White SS 2019 Fashion Show

International models such as Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber were already running at the shows of the American designer and presented the unique creations to the invited guests. This show used particularly light colours, so that specimens in white, light yellow and blue-grey came to light. Neon accessories also set stylish highlights and completed the show!

Everything about Gucci!

Gucci – the brand

The Italian label was founded in 1921 by saddle master Guccio Gucci. It all began in a small workshop for leather goods and luggage near Florence and grew over time. Until then, in the end, the company expanded abroad out of an emergency situation and found favour in foreign areas as well. Even then, the design was often oriented towards equestrian sports and classic cuts and patterns. Through the high-quality materials, such as leather and bamboo, the company established itself more and more as a luxury brand and became known worldwide especially through the symbol of the interlocked stirrups and the intertwined G´s, in memory of the former founder of the company, Guccio Gucci.

Today, the luxury company has an annual turnover of around 7 billion euros and is one of the most popular brands in the high-priced sector. The brand is also particularly popular with prominent customers such as Jared Leto or singer Beyoncé, reality star Kylie Jenner and Victoria´s Secret Angel Romee Strijd. But it’s not just international celebrities who buy from Gucci; the million-dollar mark is also popular with Germans. Among others, Rapper Capital Bra and presenter Sylvie Meis also own one or the other piece from the hip brand. Especially for the German bloggers, leather goods and fashionable trend parts are a popular accessory to spice up the looks.

Gucci Museum and Star Restaurant

A small fact: there was even a Gucci museum for a while. Creative Director Alessandro Michele has designed and redesigned this. Today it bears the name Gucci Garden and includes a restaurant run by star chef Massimo Bottura. Also the Gucci Garden Galleria, exhibition spaces divided by theme, showing history, advertising campaigns and retro objects. The symbol is the so-called “Gucci Eye”. It is a hypnotic territory that is supposed to change one’s own state of consciousness and perception. The whole thing is located in the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence and is definitely worth a visit. In addition to the Star Restaurant and the showrooms, the range is complemented by a boutique.

baby and children’s fashion

The classic collection for adults will be extended, with the one for babies and children. Sweaters, dresses, special backpacks and bags and, for example, flip flops are among the customers’ current favourites. The collections for the junior clientele of the upper class are just as high-priced.

Once again briefly summarized:

  • 1921 Foundation of luxury companies
  • Founder was saddle master Guccio Gucci
  • inspired by equestrian sports
  • Classical cuts and patterns
  • interlocked stirrups / intertwined G´s form symbol
  • yearly turnover approx. 7 billion Euro
  • Gucci Garden includes a star restaurant and showrooms
  • There are baby and children collections

handbags & co.

It all started with the design of bags in 1921 and even today they are still brought to women in abundance! It is especially the classic models that customers enthusiastically buy and like to dig a little deeper into their pockets because they appreciate the high-quality materials. Classic forms models and materials result in a stylish and timeless image and the investment pays off. They are available in all possible shapes and colours, but the absolute bestsellers are classic colours such as cream, red, moss green and black.

Belt for men

The Italian label not only produces women’s accessories, but also small leather pieces including belts that adorn the man. Very popular are the classics, consisting of a leather belt with a striking buckle on which the intricate G´s are illustrated. The slightly more casual, but equally trendy version is the one with an elastic band instead of the leather belt. This adorns the typical colors red and green. Either way, a real eye-catcher who decorates the male hips!

Shoes: Loafer, the trend shoe

Loafer, an absolute trend shoe for over 60 years! Anyone who thought that the fancy kicks had only been around for a few years was absolutely wrong. The son of the founder Guccio Gucci, Aldo Gucci, designed the first shoe of this type in 1953. Since then, it has been constantly modified and the shoe, once intended for business men, has been available for women in various patterns, colours and versions for some time. Made of fine leather it is a high quality shoe. In recent years, versions with open verses, inner fur and appliqués have been launched on the market and the eye-catching models have turned out to be real trend shoes!

Here you can see the open loafer version in neon pink and with flower pattern. Super trendy and with small details, like the heart on the inside of the shoe!

Loafer, a little different! Here you can see the typical Gucci shoe in different versions. Once in velvet optics with bee application on the shoe cap in turquoise. On the other hand a simple version in moss green.

Jewellery and other accessories

Not only garments are popular in the Gucci stores. The range of accessories is also growing all the time. Sunglasses, small leather goods, watches, jewellery and other small parts are very popular with customers! Often snake heads, or the logo, the intertwined G´s flow into the design of the individual pieces. A popular motif is also the bee, which is decorated with pearls and stones to give a great appearance.

Gucci rings, in the shape of a bee, the typical symbol of Gucci, next to the intertwined G´s. Decorated with pearls and coloured stones.

Gucci Shop

Worldwide the label owns approx. 540 shops and additionally still sales areas in department stores. So no matter where you are, you have the opportunity to shop at Gucci.

Campaigns: Perfume & Fashion

For this year’s campaign for the Gucci perfume “Gucci Guilty”, songwriter Lana Del Rey and singer Jared Leto were chosen. They represent American life, beyond social expectations and norms. The music video was shot in Los Angeles. Here, too, a retro style is deliberately created, the viewer automatically moves to a different time. He gets the feeling that he also needs “Gucci Guilty” in order to experience a kind of time travel.

In the latest commercial for the current men’s collection, Harry Styles once again stands in front of the camera for the luxury label. In a retro style he is photographed with pigs and swans. He wears clothes in strong red and pink tones. Gucci campaigns stand for unusual combinations and are always presented in an interesting and different way.

Here you can find the clip of the current Gucci campaign with British singer Harry Styles!

Gucci Sale: Outlet in Roermond

There are several outlets offering clothing, leather goods and accessories at lower prices. There you can find parts from past collections or exhibits. One of the most famous outlets in Germany, Holland is the one in Roermond. Besides Gucci there are many other luxurious stores and a visit really pays off! Further locations are in Ingolstadt and Metzingen, where Gucci merchandise is offered for sale.

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Gucci facts: You didn’t know that!

Find out what Gucci has to do with Unicef, how the innovative Bamboo Bag came about and much more. Guaranteed some facts you didn’t know!

Fashion Haul

The blogger turns out to be a true Gucci fan and describes herself as addicted to Gucci products. If you also want to buy a piece of the trend label soon, such a video can be really helpful to get to know the products a bit closer. Take a look at it!

Fashion shows

Here you can find the breathtaking shows of the past years! Every year it’s a real highlight and everyone is eager to get one of the coveted places! Models, actresses and fashions, such as the editor-in-chief of the American Vogue Anna Wintour, Dakota Johnson, Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, Harry Styles and Blake Lively, adorn the frontrow of the shows.

Gucci Cruise 2020 fashion show

The Fashion Show, 2020 took place in the Capitoline Museum in the heart of Rome and solidarity with the “Pro Chioce” movement. Alessandro Michele, was inspired among other things by the popular Boho look. He combined this with clear battle announcements and printed his garments with statements such as “My body, My choice”.  As a clear statement, he also spoke out in favour of the right to abortion. Take a look at the fancy creations of the future in the live version now!

Gucci Cruise 2019 fashion show

The fashion show 2019 had the motto “Gothic” and still had a little 1700s Vibe playing! Music by Resina, Ben Lee and Emre Ramazanoglu created a mystical atmosphere with a touch of rock and roll. Here you can find the whole version of the show!

Gucci Cruise 2018 fashion show

The show 2018 took place in 7 rooms of the Palatine Gallery in Pitti Palace. The Renaissance exerted a strong influence, bringing crystals, pearls and large pieces of jewellery into play.

Dolce & Gabbana – a touch of extravagance!

Dolce & Gabbana, the brand

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana first founded a design consulting firm in 1982. Already at the age of six Domenico Dolce designed and tailored. The two met for the first time when Domenico Dolce applied to the Gabbana fashion house and Stefano recognized his talent. The first collection was launched in October 1985 and was presented for the first time at Milan Fashion Week, alongside 5 other designers. It bore the name “Real Woman” and met with great enthusiasm among the viewers. In 1986 the duo launched their second collection and opened their first store. A few years later, in 1990, the first men’s collection followed. In order to reach the younger target group, the two created a second product series in 1994, which bore the name “D&G” but was still in the upper price segment. The head office of the fashion company is still located in Milan, Italy. The two, who originally wanted to become rock stars and actors, are particularly proud of the diversity of their company.

Facts and assortment

Dolce & Gabbana offers perfume clothing, cosmetics, sunglasses, handbags, watches and jewellery for sale in approximately 323 stores worldwide. The annual turnover of the fashion company is estimated at around 1.1 billion euros. The designer duo was not only involved in fashion projects, but also in several written creations. These were called “10 Anni Dolce & Gabbana, Hollywood, Calcio, Music, 20 Years Dolce & Gabbana, Family, David Gandy”. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are still successfully managing the company as a team and have fought their way up to the top of the high-priced fashion labels.

Just a little bit more for you:

  • 1982 Foundation of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana
  • at six years of age Domenico Dolce designed and tailored
  • first meeting, Domenico Dolce applied to the fashion house Gabbana
  • October 1985 first collection, called ” Real Woman”
  • 1986 second collection and opening of first store
  • 1990 first men collection
  • 1994 “D&G” product range for younger target groups
  • Headquarters Milan, Italy
  • approx. 323 stores worldwide
  • yearly turnover about 1.1 billion Euro

Perfume and cosmetics

Yes, the company produces not only fashion and accessories, but also various perfumes and cosmetics! They are “modern and timeless products inspired by women who, like Dolce & Gabbana, always strive for the perfect look”. Strong colours, but also slight nuances are available, for example, in the palettes, so they can be individually adapted and include both day and evening make-up.

Perfume favorites

Among the absolute bestsellers when it comes to perfumes, “The One” and “Light Blue” are right up front!

  • The One

The fresh yet intense fragrance reflects the label’s extravagance and makes the wearer feel like a goddess. The floral fragrance radiates luxury and a touch of charm and provocation.

  • Light Blue

Inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle of the Italians, this perfume is the epitome of summer! A flowery fresh scent reminds of the warm sun of the Italian south. A light hint of apple and quince resonates with the application. Ideal for the modern, strong woman of today!

bags: Classic and fancy models

Anyone who knows Dolce & Gabbana knows that the brand stands for eye-catching patterns and lots of gold. The two extravagant components are often used for clothing and bags in particular, thus creating eye-catching parts! You can clearly feel the Italian flair and the eye-catchers adorn every outfit.

Of course, the Italian designer duo also produces classic models, which should not be missing in a woman’s wardrobe! Here you can see the model “Miss Sicily”. They are available in bright tones as well as in natural colours such as beige, grey and black.

Shoes by Dolce & Gabbana

Both flat and high shoes belong to the assortment of the luxury label and decorate the feet of their buyer! The elaborately with beads and stones equipped models are real eye-catchers! Despite the extravagant details, the shoes are suitable for everyday use and super comfortable. The sandals, or flats, are already something special and decorate the delicate feet and make them look high-quality!

YouTube Videos: Belt, Bag, Shoes & Co

Here are some inspiring videos where bloggers have bought cool parts from the Dolce & Gabbana range! Ideally suited to simply take a look! No matter if you are just curious or if you want to invest in one of the great parts yourself, you should take the few minutes of your time! From behind-the-scenes glimpses of a Dolce & Gabbana fashion show to buying reviews, you’ll find it all here!

Influencerin runs on the fashion show

You want to know what exactly happens behind the scenes of a big fashion show? Then don’t miss this YouTube video of blogger and influencer Aimee Song! From the Rehearsal, up to the actual show appearance everything is documented.

Haul – outlet shopping Gucci Burberry Dolce & Gabbana

Blogger Darya Kamalova, serves both her Russian and international followers, because she has two channels. In this video she shows you how her Outlet Shopping went and what she took home with her!

Shoe Haul! Gucci, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana

Blogger Nathalie, better known as “Curls & Bags” shows you her shopping! Beside Gucci and Chanel, also some pointed flats with stone applications landed in the shopping basket. If you want to know more about the video and the reasons to buy it, just watch the video in full length!

Fashion shows

Here you can find the last three fashion shows of the luxury label! A lot of glitter and pompous outfits, definitely shouldn’t be missing at Dolce & Gabbana. The always well-attended fashion shows are very enthusiastic about the unique creations and the stylish presentation. If you also want to be inspired, have a look at one of the last collections!

Dolce & Gabbana FW 2019 – 2020 Women

At the Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2019 – 2020 Women´s Fashion Show at the beginning of the year the audience saw a lot of black and white! Straight suits, ties, bow ties and hats adorned the female bodies of the catwalk. As well as extravagant silk robes and dresses made of sumptuous fabrics. You want to know more and watch the show, click here!

Dolce & Gabbana SS 2019 Women

The motto of the designer duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana reflected the entire collection! The two of them create fashion to give other people a good feeling. Each person stands out from the others with his or her own DNA and the more than 150 looks that the spectators saw on the catwalks were so unique! Also in this collection, the designers provided for flowery feelings and set on summery fabrics and patterns!

Dolce & Gabbana FW 2018 / 19 Women

The motto of this show was “Take it or leave it”, with which the designers made a clear statement! Mainly the colours gold, red, white and black stood out and surrounded the rather masculine cut clothes. In addition, they relied on casual, chic appearance and let the models float over the catwalk, among other things made of sneakers and sandals adorned with stones. Watch the inspiring show in full length and let the charm flatter you!

Givenchy – the French noble label!

Givenchy – Luxury from Paris

Givenchy was founded in 1952 by fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy. The company is headquartered in Paris. The designer Count Hubert de Givenchy has French roots and comes from a French noble family. One of the reasons why the press, among others, calls him the “aristocrat of fashion”. In the beginning, only haute couture was created, followed shortly afterwards by prêt à porter. In the meantime, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics for both men and women have also been produced. After initial successes he used higher quality materials and printed them with motifs such as fruits, vegetables or animals, which was very untypical for haute couture fashion, but Givenchy took the risk. He made a name for himself especially with bright and intense shades and his creations gained great recognition value.

Audrey Hepburn, inspiration for Givenchy

In 1953, he met Audrey Hepburn. For him, the petite personality was the ideal representative of his fashion and inspired the French designer. Givenchy was also regarded as a co-inventor of the “Little Blacks”, which speaks for his classic, timeless inventions, with which he equipped the ladies in particular. His mentor at the time was Christobal Balenciaga, whom he had met in New York in 1953. For him this was a great role model and inspired Givenchys fashion.

In 1957, Hubert de Givenchy and his brother Jean Claude de Givenchy founded Givenchy S. A. perfumes. The chair was taken by Jean Claude, the fashion designer’s older brother. In the same year, the two entrepreneurs created the first fragrance, the name “L´Interdit” and dedicated it to Audrey Hepburn. However, this came onto the market only years later. In the same year, the fragrance “Le De” was launched. Two years later a fragrance for men followed for the first time, “Monsieur de Givenchy”. Since then, several fragrances have been created by Givenchy and have been sold in black.

Kim Kardashian wears Givenchy

Kim Kardashian caused a particular stir in 2014 when she stepped before the altar in a Givenchy wedding dress. Of course, their appearance caused a sensation in the media and was the topic of conversation No. 1. In general, the unique robes are also with prominent customers, such as Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore, Diane Kruger and even the English Royals.

Since 2005, the rather unknown Italian designer Riccardo Tisci has been in charge of the company’s haute couture and prêt-à-porter collections. From 2008 he also took over the management of men’s fashion. He left the company in 2017 and handed over responsibility to former Chloé designer Claire Waight Keller. When she joined the company, she made history as the first female chief designer of the company.

Once again briefly summarized:

  • founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy (descended from a French noble family)
  • At the beginning Haute Couture, then Prêt à porter
  • printed with fruits, vegetables, or animals, very atypical for Haute Couture
  • bright and intensive colour tones, high recognition value in the industry
  • 1953 Getting to know Audrey Hepburn
  • co-founder of the “Little Blacks”
  • Mentor Christobal Balenciaga, 1953 in New York
  • 1957 Founded together with brother Jean Claude de Givenchy Parfums Givenchy S. A
  • 2014 Marriage of Kim Kardashians in bridal gown by Givenchy
  • 2005 – 2017 Senior Designer Riccardo Tisci
  • from 2017 former Chloé designer Claire Waight Keller leads

bags: Dead Antigona

With the model “Tote Antigona” the luxury label landed an absolute hit! The practical handbag provides plenty of storage space and can be used both as a leisure bag and for work. Available in different sizes and colors, it is a real eye-catcher, with the additional shoulder strap a real all-rounder and super practical. Most models are made in Italy from high-quality processed leather and shipped all over the world from there.

All the company’s other bags are also classic and timeless in design. Produced in high quality, they are available in all colour shades, no matter whether blue or black enthusiastic customers all over the world. The simple appearance is of great advantage, as it makes everyday combining easier.

Accessories: small leather goods & bath shoes

The popular “bath slippers” cost a small fortune, but are very popular with the customers of the luxury label. Here you can see the model in the red-white version, they are also available in black, pink and white. Key rings, purses and sunglasses are also very popular.

But the label not only covers the classic area, but also the cool, rather darker aesthetics! Statements and large lettering decorate parts such as clutches or pullovers. Designer Clare Waight Keller is particularly enthusiastic about this with the company’s younger clientele. Due to the nevertheless clean design and the straight form, even the more rocky Pieces make clear statements in the fashion scene.

Fragrances: Fresh and bitter

The feminine fragrances of the French company are a real hit in every respect. Due to the simple design of the packaging and the flowery fresh scents, the label reaches a wide range of customers. The fragrances are at the same time very engaging, but not too intrusive in smell and thus result in a perfect note on the skin!

The scents “Eau de Givenchy Rosée” and “Eau de Givenchy”

Vlogs: Bag, sweater & co

Here you can find three Vlogs and Hauls, in which the bloggers present their purchases. Just have a look, there is something for you too! If you are thinking about investing in a luxury label product yourself, you might be able to get some helpful tips here!

Designer Haul

The blogger Tamara Kalinic presents her achievements in a small Haul. So you can get a better idea of it and maybe collect some more information, if you are thinking about buying something like this.

Winter Haul – Knitwear & New Handbag

Blogger Fleur De Force presents you her new clothes, also in the shape of a Haul. Also here you will surely get some additional information, which you would not have got over the internet alone. Just have a look, maybe it will help you!

High End Makeup Haul Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Givenchy

Hauls with makeup products are also very popular. Blogger Matilda also shows you how her shopping turned out and presents her high-end beauty products. Helpful tips and tricks included. Have fun watching!

Fashion shows

Here you will find great insights into the hip fashion shows of the label Givenchy. We have put together a selection of the latest collections for you. So you can get an insight into Haute Couture, Menswear, but also into the normal collection.

Givenchy FW 2019 / 2020

Again, head designer Clare Waight Keller was in charge of this show, creating unique fashion that was celebrated on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week by a discerning audience. She presented flowing robes and straight cuts. Creations suitable for the office could be seen and strong accents in bright colours refined the chequered models. Different green tones, but also rust red, blue and pink brightened the generally rather dark grey and black stamped overall picture!

Givenchy Haute Couture FW 2019 / 2020

The Haute Couture Fall Winter Show 2019 / 2020 took place this year in Paris, France. The sumptuous robes created by designer Clare Waight Keller radiated an elegant style with a touch of extravagance. The designer, who had previously designed the everyday collections for the label, now dared to approach the somewhat different kind of fashion and shone with bravura. Here, too, light colours play a major role. Both playful and clean cuts were used and partly crowned with matching hair ornaments.

Givenchy SS 2020 Menswear

The Givenchy Spring Summer Fashion Show 2020 Menswear shows light tones and light fabrics. Both accents, in blue and green, and the minimalist style are reflected in the collection. They awaken the everyday in the looks and the individual garments can be easily combined with each other. The show took place in a park in Florence, where Queen Victoria was already staying in the late 1880s, early 1890s.

Balenciaga – Spanish-French origin!

Balenciaga, the label

The world-famous fashion label Balenciaga was founded in 1937 by the Spaniard Cristóbal Balenciaga in Paris. The trained tailor emigrated and went into business for himself. At the beginning of 1915, he opened boutiques where high-quality women’s fashion was offered for sale. He opened boutiques in San Sebastián, Madrid and Barcelona and made a name for himself in France. In the summer of 1937, he presented his first haute couture collection to people in his new adopted home, Paris.

Due to his Spanish roots, Balenciaga incorporated these as well as Parisian chic into his designs. Thus ribbons and frills decorated the garments and these became more and more pompous. At that time Grace Kelly and Queen Fabiola of Belgium were among his customers and were very enthusiastic about the style of the creations. Cristóbal Balenciaga finished his career as a designer in 1968, at the age of 77, much to the amazement of the entire fashion world. Prêt-à-porter fashion was becoming more and more popular, haute couture was increasingly forgotten, which made it very difficult for the designer to leave the company and decide to retire. However, the situation was different in the perfume sector, which boomed and continued more and more.

What does fashion from Balenciaga stand for?

The French designer Nicolas Chesquiére has been the head designer of the label since 1997. His fashion stands for expressive fashion for the self-confident woman of today. He experiments not only with unusual cuts, but also with extravagant fabrics and materials and is inspired by the company founder and his work. Nicolas Chesquiére left Balenciaga in December 2012. As his successor, the American designer Alexander Wang followed in his footsteps, but founded his fashion brand in 2007 and headed Balenciaga until August 2015. Demna Gvasalia was appointed Creative Director in October. This also has its own fashion brand, which bears the name “Vetements”. He himself has German and Georgian roots.

Especially in recent years, the company has been in the black. Especially leather goods, handbags and shoes were bought by customers from all over the world. The total annual turnover is estimated at approximately 1 billion euros.

Once again everything briefly summarized:

  • 1937 founded by the Spaniard Christóbal Balenciaga in Paris
  • At the beginning of 1915 he opened boutiques in San Sebastián, Madrid and Barcelona
  • first haute couture collection he presented summer 1937
  • finished his activities as a designer in 1968, at the age of 77 years
  • French designer Nicolas Chesquiére has been working as chief designer since 1997
  • December 2012 Nicolas Chesquiére left Balenciaga
  • successor was the American designer Alexander Wang
  • from October 2015 Demna Gvasalia was appointed Creative Director
  • yearly turnover estimated at approx. 1 billion Euro

The Sneaker Hype

The hype about the clumsy Luxustreter! The company’s biggest hype about shoes was the “Triple S” and the “Speedrunner” sneakers. Available in different colors, the “Triple Sneakers” are a found food for all bloggers and fashion-conscious people. Everyone has them on their feet and they are almost a rarity. Because the demand was so big, or still is, they were sold out shortly after the beginning of the sale in all models and sizes! So anyone who has gotten one of the highly sought-after couples can count themselves lucky.

The demand was almost as big with the “Speedrunners”! They are available for men, women and children. However, opinions are extremely divided about the comfortable sock shoes! Some find them super, just because they look different and super comfortable, others find exactly that reprehensible. No matter how, they are one of the most sold shoes of the last year and do not stop to decorate the feet of the whole world! They are also available in different colours, whereby the black, simple version is still the absolute sales star.

The model “Triple Sneaker”.

Bags, cool and modern

The bags of the luxury label are also well received by customers all over the world and are conquering the market! Especially the typical models, such as the “Nano City Bag” or the “Ville Handle Bag”. But also belly bags and shoulder bags are purchased in abundance.

Balenciaga Shop

In the online shop it is rare that all models are available, because the hype about sneakers & co. usually increases rather than decreases! You’re welcome to try your luck here first.

Vlogs around Balenciaga: sneakers & bags

Vlogs in which people present their purchases on their YouTube channel are like sand on the sea. They tell us what they bought, how much it cost and how they combine it and integrate it into their everyday lives! Actually super handy, just when you’re thinking about buying something like this. If you invest so much money, of course it should also pay off, so you should think very carefully whether it is really worth it. The YouTube videos are especially suitable for this!

Especially to absolute it-pieces, like for example the trend sneakers from Balenciaga, there are countless videos where you can quickly lose the overview. We’ve picked out three examples where you can talk about the expensive

Triple S: Balenciaga sneakers

Blogger Camilla Frederikke reveals her experiences with the popular sneakers! Here you get tips and tricks and at the same time experience before you invest money, it does not get any better!

Haul & try on

In this video the blogger PocketsandBows shows you her latest achievements, the Balenciaga “VILLE XXS” bag and the Balenciaga “Triple S” sneaker! If you are also interested in buying these products, or just want to inform yourself, this video will give you some information! Just take a look at it!

Bag collection from Balenciaga

In this YouTube video Lizette introduces you to her little Balenciaga collection and tells you why she is such a big Balenciaga fan!

Fashion shows

The fashion of Balenciaga is characterized by clean cuts in elegant fabrics and patterns! Both men’s and women’s fashion usually shows dark fabrics and sets great eye-catchers with individual neon-colored pieces, such as handbags, jewelry, or sunglasses.

Balenciaga Winter 19

The Fashion Show, Winter 2019 was called “La Chambre”, translated “The Bedroom” and was accompanied by music by the artist BFRND.

Balenciaga Winter 18

Around a mountain sprayed with graffiti, the Balenciaga Show took place in winter 2018. Already here the music of the artist BFRND was used and supported the colourful creations of Balenciaga. Neon-coloured pantyhose and jewellery made of snap hooks adorned the fashion.

Model – Faces for advertising, online shops and campaigns!

The perfect model for the online store, photo shootings or promotional film to find difficult! Because the choice is large and ultimately it is not only the expression and appearance that counts, but also professionalism and experience. When booking a model, there are many different influencing factors that determine the success of a booking. Many people come together on the day of production: Photographer, make-up artist, assistant, stylist, videographer and of course the location – in the photo studio or outdoors. At this moment it depends on everyone involved, but especially the model is in the foreground of the shooting set – all eyes are on the model, the performance must be right! Timing, experience, facial expressions, gestures, so much plays a part in photo shootings or video shoots. Our model agency is your contact. We help with the model search, talk to you about the details and prepare briefings, we take over the communication and the arrangement, up to the travel planning. So you can fully concentrate on your photo shooting or video production! If you have any questions about the model booking or if you already have a concrete project, we are looking forward to your call or e-mail!

The perfect model

The charisma, the personality is the A&O for success! The perfect model for the job must be able to do a lot, no matter what it’s about. Fashion show, photo shoot, commercial. But motivation is always in the foreground, because that is the basic requirement for good models. Plus the look! The authentic cast for mother and father, plus size models for curvy fashion, fitness models for nutrition and sports products or best ager models for commercials. In our model file you are sure to find the right cast for your project!

Every day our team is looking for the best talent in the country! For unique photos and videos. If you have any questions, please contact our agency now and we will help you with your search, with various suggestions and offer all services around the booking of models.

We represent various areas, including among others:

Model Jobs: Best Ager, Fitness and Teens

In our model file you will find all important characters, best ager, tattoo, teen, strong women, cool men, long beards. With our selection and selection we simplify for customers the process of model search and model selection. Our portfolio includes models for various tasks, but the main focus is on them:

Online Shop and Advertising

Online shops are the ultimate sales channel today. Especially through the possibilities of mobile data usage, search functions of search engines, social media such as Instagram and YouTube, online sales have been growing continuously for years. More products are sold online every year. Accordingly, the presentation of one’s own products is very important. In comparison to the competition, it’s about setting yourself apart and standing for something unique, a reason to return and a reason to recommend something further. Whether it’s family or best friends, looks are important. Lifestyle products in particular, from high-quality smartphone manufacturers to dream trips to distant destinations, high-quality photographs are one of the sales arguments. The models have to be trained and experienced accordingly.

Who is booked on a photo shooting for an Onlineshop, that must master usually many looks, facial expressions and emotions. During the booked time many recordings have to be made. For fashion online shops 20, 30 or 40 pieces. For other online shops, e.g. with goods, jobs can become even more special. Imagine now the classic DIY spot, the booked model should storm as an energetic craftsman through your own garden with chainsaw, axe and drill. Here it is not only a matter of convincing as a model, the individual products must also be served authentically. The same principle applies of course not only to fashion and DIY stores but also to many other industries such as automobiles, technology manufacturers but also producers of food. With our agency expertise you are guaranteed to find the right cast for your online shop shooting!

Best Ager Model

Best Ager models are a real rarity! There are a lot of boys and girls who want to become models, with older models it is often different, because often you already have a career. Not everyone therefore comes back to the idea of trying to be a model. It is therefore relatively difficult to find good Best Ager models for your own productions, the market is very manageable! This is one of the main reasons why our customers like to take advantage of our talent because we scout for new talent every day. But it is not only important that a model has a certain age, of course you also have to have the classic skills and knowledge that an advertising model has to bring with it.

The charisma, the personality is also here the A&O for success! Best Ager models are becoming more and more relevant in advertising, because due to the demographic development in many countries of the world, the average population is getting older. Of course, the media content must be adapted accordingly. This is why more and more models are appearing in advertising at an older age, a great opportunity for customers to tap new target groups, but also for models. For automobile commercials, fashion, but also products such as banks and insurance, Best Ager Models are in every respect a gain for your own public relations.

Our models have the experience that they can use for a successful appearance, we help you to find the models that give your commercial the charisma it deserves.

Plus Size Models for oversizes

Authentic models are not only faces from everyday life, but also sizes and proportions. Plus Size Models are more and more in demand, not only in the field of fashion. The average clothing size of a woman is 48, but in advertising you often see clothing sizes 34, 36. Of course not every customer feels addressed by this promotion. Therefore it is important for many to draw an always authentic picture in advertising. Plus size models, also known as curved models, are absolutely in tune with the times. That is why we are very pleased that even our plaster models are increasingly being booked for online stores and promotional films. They bring not only experience on set, but also an extreme joy of life! Her everyday life revolves around nutrition, sport and exercise, lifestyle, a very good role model and a great brand ambassador for her brand.

Fitness Model for Sports and Nutrition

Fitness models are needed at many locations, from poster advertising in the city centre, trade fairs for new products and product presentations to online shop photo shoots. Sport plays an important role for many in every season, it is about the perfect bikini figure in the summer, in the winter it is about the pounds you gain over the Christmas season. Nutrition, diets, sports, a real permanent topic. Of course, as a brand you also need the perfect brand ambassador, i.e. models who are not only familiar with exercises and training sessions but also with the various nutrition concepts. After all, you are a role model if you are booked for an advertising campaign. Since it is not only about a beautiful smile but also about movements, of course also about muscles, with the moving film often also about performance, for example sprinting, jumping and so on. The job of a fitness and sports model is therefore very demanding, so the preparation is much more intensive than that of a fashion model. After all, the figure must not only be built up, it must also not appear too muscular and must be defined accordingly for the market. That is, not too little and not too much.

Fitness models also have different tasks, at trade fairs they are there for motivation, they present new products but also new ideas. In addition to trade fair jobs, there are also other tasks, such as fashion shows. Here the models usually do not have the classical task to present fashion in a very elegant run, often they have to bring additional inserts, e.g. dancing, exercises or interact with other models. Quite different from a classic fashion show in the area Haute Couture and Pret-a-porter.

If you are looking for the perfect fitness model for your new sports brand or the next trade fair presentation, then we look forward to hearing from you!

Bikini models for summer

In summer we are drawn to the nearby lake, in winter we travel to distant dream destinations. Beachwear and bikinis are always on vogue. Of course, photo productions must be carried out accordingly frequently, for online shops, catalogues, lookbooks but of course also POS advertising campaigns and commercials. Bikini models have special requirements compared to fashion models, here we are talking about the proportions.

While the proportions of fashion models move along a very slim line, bikini models need more curves accordingly. In addition to the higher proportions, there is also a sexy look, which must not only be presented by the body but also by the looks. This requires a lot of practice and experience! Because not everyone manages to present in front of a camera team the sensuality that you need, for example, at a shooting on the beach, in the sunset, when it comes to showing seductive looks. Beside this topic there are many more, which you have to present perfectly as a bikini model. Commercial laughter is a very big part of the job, after all it’s about fun and enjoyment on the beach. Whether alone in front of the camera, with a male or female model as a partner or also as a family shooting with child models, the job is demanding. In addition to the actual product, the bikini, there are also props. For example water balls, beach umbrellas or sun cream. Of course, all movements must harmonize with the posture, the body language and also the gaze.

Maldives, Balearic Islands, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Bali or also Los Angeles and Miami, we help you not only with the model search but also with the entire trip planning and organization for your photo shooting. Of course not only for the dream destinations of this world, even if it goes to the photo studio, e.g. in Berlin or London! We look forward to receiving your project enquiry via telephone or e-mail.

Lingerie / Underwear Model

Seductive looks are not only needed as a bikini model, of course especially as lingerie and underwear model. Also here there are many characters, which are illustrated by the advertisement. From the face as a model, to freckles, the small tooth gap or even the larger bust. Various factors play a role in the booking process. But one thing is always the same, the proportions have to be right and of course tend to be more curved than with normal fashion models.

Tattoo Model: Edgy City Look

Tattoo Models are especially popular for campaigns concerning urban looks, street looks but also campaigns for modern products as well as lifestyle and of course events such as festivals. Accordingly, characters are also sought that fit the respective subject area. For the authentic look on posters, in online advertisements but also on tickets. That’s how advertising is done these days! Our model agency helps you of course also with the mediation of tattoo models. With different looks from full body tattoo to single, very elegant tattoos

Teen model for children and young adults

In our model agency you can start as a model at the age of 15! Of course, teams are also often needed for online shops and advertising. TEEN MODELS bring youthful freshness for dusty products, but also the right effect with the desired target group, therefore we mediate already from 15 years to be able to present to our customers a corresponding selection. If you are looking for a teen model, contact our team, we will be happy to help you with your booking request and find the perfect teen model for you!

Male Model / Male Model

Important to mention extra, Male Models! Many men need a little push to be interested in the subject of modeling, because in the rarest cases they themselves assume that they can work well as a model. Especially in advertising, male models are in high demand, no matter if it’s about new cars, technical products like smartphones or luxurious accessories like watches. Male models do not only represent an elegant style, of course they also fit perfectly into the muesli commercial, the insurance or the bank. Family shootings, alone in front of the camera, for the online shop or also for commercials. Men models have a challenging job because they have to define their body for a good look in front of the camera, but they also have to make sure that your body doesn’t look too trained to be in line with the average person. In addition to the trained fitness models in the Male Models area, there are of course also the classic commercial models. Men with small belly beginnings, with longer bath or also with long hair, from tattoo model up to the Best Ager man, in our model agency you find a large selection of experienced man models for your advertising campaign or your next photo shooting.

Book advertising model

Are you looking for the perfect model for your next photo shoot or for your next promotional film? Our model agency team is looking forward to your inquiry, we help you with the model search, model selection, the entire planning as well as the approach and organization, but if desired also the travel planning and organization. You have the full service of a model agency and can fully concentrate on your next project or production. We relieve him of the most important tasks in the area of Model Management! Do you have any questions or need advice? Get in contact with us now.

The best hotels in Stuttgart Mitte!

Finding good and cheap hotels is not easy! That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top tips for hotels in Stuttgart and make it easier for you to find your ideal place to sleep! You would prefer to spend the night directly in the city centre and thus avoid long distances – no problem! Most of the hotels in our list are super easy to reach both from the airport and the city’s central hub, the main train station. So choose the fastest way, one of our copies from the list and your trip to Stuttgart is no longer in the way!

Hotel Motel One Stuttgart – Central Station

The “Hotel Motel One Stuttgart” is located in a super central location directly at the main train station. At all Hotel Motel One locations, special attention is paid to the wishes of the guests. Thus, pillow and duvet fillings with anti-allergic fillings are used, as well as animal guests pose no problem. Use of the WLAN is free of charge and an in-house ipad rental service is also available.

Mövenpick Hotel Stuttgart

The “Mövenpick Hotel Stuttgart” offers unique service in 326 selected hotel rooms. This of course includes the free use of the WLAN network of the house and the use of the fitness room and spa area. All rooms are equipped with a television, sound-absorbing windows, coffee and tea making facilities and a mini bar. The clean but chic design runs along a red thread through the entire building.

Jaz Stuttgart

  • Rating. 4.5 / 5.0 (406 reviews on Google)
  • Wolframstraße 41, 70191 Stuttgart
  • Tel: 0711 969840
  • Jaz Stuttgart Website

Simple rooms with a touch of extravagance can be found at “Jaz Stuttgart”. Here you can choose your hotel room according to your mood! You can choose between the “In – Tune Room”, the “Bassline Room”, the “Off Beat Suite” and the “Backbeat Suite” and adapt your hotel room to your mood. To each basic equipment belongs a television, the free WLAN use, a rain shower with LED lighting, a Yoga kit, and the choice between a king size bed (180×2010), or two separate single beds (100×210 each).

Other recommendations:

Here you can find more hotel tips for great overnight stays in Stuttgart!

Waldhotel Stuttgart

Le Méridien Stuttgart

Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart Hotel

Mercure Hotel Stuttgart Zuffenhausen

Aloft Stuttgart

  • Rating. 4.4 / 5.0 (368 reviews on Google)
  • Heilbronner Strasse 70, 70191 Stuttgart
  • Tel: 0711 87875000
  • Aloft Stuttgart Website

The best hotels in Hannover City!

Your next trip should lead you to beautiful Hanover and you are still looking for a great place to sleep? Bingo, then we have just the thing for you! You are on a business or private trip, where is not important, but it should be comfortable, inexpensive and as central as possible. No problem. In our list you will find our very personal hotel tips for your short trip to Hannover. So what are you waiting for, pack your suitcase and pick out one of our highlights!

Mercure Hotel Hannover Mitte

In the “Mercure Hotel Hannover Mitte” you will find a modern interior as a guest. In addition, free WLAN, air conditioning, laundry and 24 hour service from the hotel. In the 4-star accommodation in Hannover all are welcome, even pets, for a small surcharge. You are enthusiastic, then let’s get going, try it out and enjoy!

Box Hotel Luisenhof

You are looking for a bit of relaxation and want to treat yourself to a bit of luxury – then you’ve come to the right address here at the “Kastens Hotel Luisenhof” in Stuttgart! In all 15 rooms in the “Standard” category, the basic equipment includes free WLAN access, a TV set, minibar, hairdryer, safe and radio. A complete luxury package awaits the guests on up to 25 sqm.

Maritim Airport Hotel Hannover

The “Maritim Airport Hotel Hannover” is located directly at the airport and is therefore ideally suited for guests who are passing through. Classically furnished rooms with a maritime touch create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere. The room furnishings include the classic range, which includes a hairdryer, safe and minibar.

Other recommendations:

Here you can find even more hotel tips from us, for your trip to Hannover!

Leonardo Hotel Hannover

H4 Hotel Hannover Messe

Mercure Hotel Hannover Medical Park

Radisson Blu Hotel Hannover

Novotel Hannover

  • Rating. 4.4 / 5.0 (799 reviews on Google)
  • Podbielskistraße 21, 30163 Hanover
  • Tel: 0511 39040
  • Novotel Hannover Website

Hotels in downtown Frankfurt – Messe & Co.

Frankfurt am Main has the right hotel for every kind of visitor, but do you really have to go through a long, nerve-racking search?  If you want to avoid exactly that, then simply have a look at our list of hotel recommendations for Frankfurt. You want to spend the night as centrally as possible and don’t want to travel long distances to the city centre, no problem. We have almost exclusively listed hotels in the best locations for you. Find out what is right for you and your stay in the City am Main and book your hotel today that suits you and your expectations!

Roomers Hotel Frankfurt

The “Roomers Hotel” is located in the middle of Frankfurt’s city centre and can therefore be easily reached on foot! In the stylishly furnished hotel area there is a pleasant atmosphere, which unfolds in the in-house restaurant and bar. Also highly recommended is the spa, including fitness area, whirlpool and sauna. All 116 hotel rooms are equipped with minibar, TV, iron and ironing board. The use of the WLAN is free of charge. The dark colours and natural materials make all rooms inviting and cosy and you can easily forget the luxury in the middle of the pulsating hustle and bustle!

Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch

In the “Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch” pure luxury awaits you. Starting with the indoor area, with pool, sauna and fitness area, up to the outdoor area including pool and lounge possibilities. All hotel rooms are elegantly furnished and refined with light country style elements. Each room is equipped with a television, safe, desk, minibar and free WLAN. A place to relax and feel good, just outside of the hectic city bustle!

25hours Hotel The Trip

Other recommendations:

You haven’t found the right one for you among our Top 3 yet, then we have more recommendations here!

NH Hotel Frankfurt Messe

Jumeirah Hotel Frankfurt

Hotel Motel One Frankfurt – Fair

Manhattan Hotel Frankfurt

Gerbermühle Frankfurt

Unique hotels close to the cathedral – recommendations for Cologne!

A visit to Cologne is an absolute must! If you are currently planning your city trip, then take a look at our top list of hotel recommendations for Cologne and choose something to suit your mood! You keep your eyes open especially for unique sleeping possibilities, then you will certainly find what you are looking for here. All our suggestions are located super central and the surrounding city centre is within walking distance or easy public transport!


Sweet dreams in the old walls! THE QVEST” is an absolute design hotel with a unique, historical atmosphere. Situated in the old town centre, there are numerous bars, cafés and restaurants around it. The rooms have a modern bathroom and a minibar. You have free access to the WLAN and your little four-legged friends are also very welcome!

art´otel cologne

The “art´otl cologne” has 218 rooms in which the clean design and individual it pieces of contemporary artists create a pleasant atmosphere. All rooms are equipped with WLAN free of charge and also include basic equipment. From the practically furnished rooms you have a great view over the whole city!

The New Yorker Hotel Cologne

The location is ideal for trade fair visitors! The New Yorker” is located in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition grounds and provides its guests with 30 free parking spaces directly in front of the hotel. The name already reveals a lot about the style of this small hotel, which offers individually designed rooms that make you feel like you’re in New York. All rooms have the standard equipment and are offered including fitness area and sauna.

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne

25hours Hotel The Circle Cologne

Steigenberger Hotel Cologne

Holiday Inn Express Cologne – City Centre

Hilton Hotel Cologne