There is so much to know about modeling and becoming a model. But what does it really matter if you want to become a model? What are the requirements? What do I have to bring myself? How does the model agency support me? How do castings work? How do jobs work? Age are legitimate questions that models ask themselves at the beginning of their career. Accordingly, it is advisable and helpful to inform yourself about the most important topics in advance of your modeling career. The majority of the up-and-coming models find out in their daily work that the dream job isn’t really a dream job after all. Why is that?! Modeling is a job!

As in any other job, there is great competition from the other models, everyone tries to be the best, not only in Berlin or Hamburg but also in Munich, Cologne, London, Paris, Milan and of course in many other cities around the world. Accordingly, the competition will be higher, here better paid the jobs are. So most of the work comes from yourself, through patience, motivation, ambition and of course many other factors such as diet and exercise.

Patience and motivation are the key

The be-all and end-all for new models is patience. Only those who are patient with themselves will make it. No model makes it onto the cover of Vogue within the first 12 months. Realistically speaking, very few people make it anyway, maybe 0.05%. Realistic thinking and acting is very important for you, so you can find your market and your customers. Modeling is a job like any other, it involves building experience, knowledge and skills. In addition there is our own network, which increases with every photo shoot and every visit of Jon or agency, e.g. for international castings. The longer you work in that area, the better you’ll be. You are more flexible when it comes to jobs, you can not only work in showrooms and fashion, but also in motion pictures, e.g. for TV commercials or online video ads. The more you can, the more often you will be booked.

But for that you have to take your time and not think in weeks or months but in years. Good models already prepare themselves in school time to conquer the international market two or three years after. So there is enough time to build up your own model folder, with the picture material that you will need later in the big cities around Hamburg, Berlin or even bigger in Milan, Paris, Shanghai or Tokyo.

As we have just seen in the area of patience and ambition, the life of a model consists mainly of waiting. Wait for the next job but also wait at the production time if e.g. four models are booked, you will wait very long in the mask or also later at the shooting set, until it is your turn. From the initial patience to the concrete job, patience pays off.

However, before you think about a stay abroad, most new models want to connect school, friends and the new, interesting life as a model.

Create basics in school and circle of friends

The important thing for you is to maintain your harmonious environment. Whether you have a lot to do or not, make sure you have a good relationship with your family, friends and teachers at school.

The private life is very important, especially to switch off. That’s why you should always be considerate of your angel friends. Try to create time periods by doing something with your friends. Likewise, you should be careful to have a good and respectful relationship with your parents. You should also always inform them about all your steps! Talk to them about it if you want to be a model, talk to them about it if you want to apply, always talk to them! The third important point is the good relationship with school and teachers .

A good relationship to your own school and to the teachers pays off, because if you work as a model, you will usually work in the weekdays, from Monday to Friday. In order for you to get free on such days, your school performance must be right. The better your grades are, the better our relationship with your teachers, school and lecturers, the easier it will be for you to take days off. Here comes also again the reverse conclusion, a good relationship with friends in addition, classmates. Because if you get free more often to earn money, of course envious people come up. The better you are protected by friends and a good relationship with your classmate, the easier it will be for you as the model of tomorrow.

Model application, cover letter and photos

If everything fits in your environment, around friends, family and school, then you can slowly think about writing to your first model agency. How do you apply to a modeling agency? Here are the most important tips for your first application!


The best way to apply to a model agency is to use the online form on the website. Here model agencies already ask for all important information. That includes:

  • Your contact details, i.e. telephone number and e-mail address
  • Your full name
  • your place of residence
  • your height
  • To your extent, i.e. chest, waist and hip

Model agency cover letter

Do I need a cover letter as well as a classic application for a job? No! When applying in a model agency it depends on your picture material. And that’s what we’re talking about now!

application photos

The A&O in your model application is your footage. The big question is for new models, do I need professional photo material for my application? Here, too, the answer is fortunately no! The most important thing with your application photos is that you take them with a natural look, completely without styling and in daylight. So that you can take your photos quickly and easily, simply ask a good friend to the B or a girlfriend. With the smartphone, you can then easily take the right photos.

In a nutshell, this is what your photos should look like:

  • Portrait, frontal view
  • Portrait, lateral
  • full body photo, frontal view
  • Full body photo, lateral

This is how you create your pictures, simple and uncomplicated:

  • Make photos in daylight
  • Neutral background, for example a concrete wall
  • Suffice photos with your smartphone
  • For help, ask a good friend, girlfriend or your parents
  • No make-up, no styling
  • Simple black shirt or top
  • Size trousers
  • Natural Look!

With this package you have the perfect model application, consisting of your contact details, your measurements and good application photos.

waiting time and decision after the application

How long does it take for you to get feedback from the modeling agency? As a rule, you will only get feedback if you are interesting for the model agency. If your application is not interesting for the current Model Board, you will usually not receive an answer. Due to the large number of applications, with good agencies at least 20, 30 applications per day, individual cancellations are not possible. Accordingly, only those models will be contacted who are of interest. The feedback usually comes within a few days, 3 to 7 working days.

Model agency cooperation

For young models, patience with their own careers is the most important thing. Because at the beginning it is all about building up your own model folder. The more varied the image material, the better! But be careful, quantity is not everything. Quality before quantity. That means, especially the selection and selection of the photographer by your model agency is important.

Construction of the model folder and photo shootings

Many young models think in the first moment, the more photo shoots I have that you better! But is that really the case? No. The more focused your work is, the more selective you are as a model and work with photographers and clients, the more valuable you are. The calculation is quite simple, the more frequently you are seen in productions, the better known you are. However, it is not the quantity of productions that counts, but the quality of the customers. The same is true for photographers, the more selective you work with individual photographers, the more exclusive you are. That’s why it’s so important to have good management that cancels jobs.

Cancel jobs? I do! Here, the more exclusive you are, the more valuable you are for big campaigns. Therefore one should limit oneself as a model to as few agencies as possible. Because if customers have the opportunity to ask you at five different agencies, then the customer will always take the agency that makes the cheapest price. If, however, you are only represented in one agency, there is only one possibility to book yourself and therefore no leeway in the price.

For you to get this far, your model folder has to be set up. For this you need photo shoots with good photographers who deliver first-class images and of course the material you need for your sedcard.

It’s about diversity! If you already have two beautyshoots, the next one should go in a different direction. A good and serious modeling agency will help you to make the right decisions!

How long does it take to build a new model? Who really starts boys as models, with 14 years, 15 years, 16 years or also 17 years, needs for the structure of the briefcase, until it goes out with important jobs, at least 6 months, 12 months. Only then is the folder so strong that even larger customers will be aware of you as a model.

Accessibility via e-mail and phone

Accessibility is very important for models, via e-mail and we telephone. When job requests come from customers, you don’t have days to give feedback. The customer wants to have his production secured as quickly as possible and wants to confirm the models as quickly as possible. The longer you take, the less likely you are to get the job. Because if it is led for the customer too scarce, he will fall back on an alternative .

Most of the requests will not deal with a specific booking at first, first your model agency will usually ask for your availability. After all, customers usually request several models. So the faster you give feedback on whether you are available on a certain day or for a certain period in a certain city, the faster the customer gets feedback on your status.

As soon as you confirm your availability, your model agency will ask you for the concrete options. As soon as you give an option, you have to keep this day off. One option is a binding commitment, so to speak, if the customer agrees. If you have given your option, customers often ask for up-to-date visual or video material. Then you get a short description of the video from your model agency and you have to do this spontaneously, just like with your application, just with your smartphone.

Now it becomes interesting, because either the customer confirms the booking or your option is solved again. This is the technical term when the customer has decided on a model and you were not in the selection. If you get the job, your option will be confirmed and congratulations!

Standby to travel and spontaneous bookings

As described above, you will soon see that as a model you should not only be spontaneous but also willing to travel. The better your model portfolio is, the more references and customers you have collected, the greater your chances of getting even bigger jobs. Often jobs are spontaneously offered, so you can make it into a big, international brand. Sometimes you need a little bit of luck in life, e.g. when another model fails.

If your modeling agency knows that you are always and quickly available, you will spontaneously get a phone call or e-mail and have the opportunity to be suggested for a big job. Here the circle closes, constant availability and accessibility! In addition to willingness to travel and spontaneity and gelding, you can make it to a well paid mode. But you also see how much depends on your own ambition.

Jobs and customers

If you’re just starting out as a model, your first shoots will be mainly in the fashion and online store instagram area. If you can also work as a fashion model from the point of view of requirements, you will very probably be booked more frequently for showrooms. Here you gain your first experience.

So-called showrooms are collection handovers by fashion designers or presentations of the new collection to customers. Kind of a little fashion show, so to speak. But you don’t just walk across the catwalk once, you present the fashion close to the customer. Buyers and retailers of large boutiques or fashion chains can recognize the fabrics, materials and workmanship. Depending on whether you like the fashion or not, orders will then be placed with Mode Designer.

Your first photo shoots will be mainly for Instagram and online stores. In the beginning there are many pictures and less emotions. The more experience you have, the more demanding the job. From photo shootings with two or three other models to commercials, with a lot of preparation and speaking roles.

That’s how you grow from job to job. The better you shape yourself and the more positively you are remembered by customers, photographers and the entire team, the higher the chance of follow-up bookings and regular customers. These are very important for you, because as a model you are a businesswoman and therefore do not get a fixed salary but live on orders and jobs. So if you are booked, try to leave a very positive picture so that the customer is interested in working with you again.