Balenciaga – Spanish-French origin!

Balenciaga, the label

The world-famous fashion label Balenciaga was founded in 1937 by the Spaniard Cristóbal Balenciaga in Paris. The trained tailor emigrated and went into business for himself. At the beginning of 1915, he opened boutiques where high-quality women’s fashion was offered for sale. He opened boutiques in San Sebastián, Madrid and Barcelona and made a name for himself in France. In the summer of 1937, he presented his first haute couture collection to people in his new adopted home, Paris.

Due to his Spanish roots, Balenciaga incorporated these as well as Parisian chic into his designs. Thus ribbons and frills decorated the garments and these became more and more pompous. At that time Grace Kelly and Queen Fabiola of Belgium were among his customers and were very enthusiastic about the style of the creations. Cristóbal Balenciaga finished his career as a designer in 1968, at the age of 77, much to the amazement of the entire fashion world. Prêt-à-porter fashion was becoming more and more popular, haute couture was increasingly forgotten, which made it very difficult for the designer to leave the company and decide to retire. However, the situation was different in the perfume sector, which boomed and continued more and more.

What does fashion from Balenciaga stand for?

The French designer Nicolas Chesquiére has been the head designer of the label since 1997. His fashion stands for expressive fashion for the self-confident woman of today. He experiments not only with unusual cuts, but also with extravagant fabrics and materials and is inspired by the company founder and his work. Nicolas Chesquiére left Balenciaga in December 2012. As his successor, the American designer Alexander Wang followed in his footsteps, but founded his fashion brand in 2007 and headed Balenciaga until August 2015. Demna Gvasalia was appointed Creative Director in October. This also has its own fashion brand, which bears the name “Vetements”. He himself has German and Georgian roots.

Especially in recent years, the company has been in the black. Especially leather goods, handbags and shoes were bought by customers from all over the world. The total annual turnover is estimated at approximately 1 billion euros.

Once again everything briefly summarized:

  • 1937 founded by the Spaniard Christóbal Balenciaga in Paris
  • At the beginning of 1915 he opened boutiques in San Sebastián, Madrid and Barcelona
  • first haute couture collection he presented summer 1937
  • finished his activities as a designer in 1968, at the age of 77 years
  • French designer Nicolas Chesquiére has been working as chief designer since 1997
  • December 2012 Nicolas Chesquiére left Balenciaga
  • successor was the American designer Alexander Wang
  • from October 2015 Demna Gvasalia was appointed Creative Director
  • yearly turnover estimated at approx. 1 billion Euro

The Sneaker Hype

The hype about the clumsy Luxustreter! The company’s biggest hype about shoes was the “Triple S” and the “Speedrunner” sneakers. Available in different colors, the “Triple Sneakers” are a found food for all bloggers and fashion-conscious people. Everyone has them on their feet and they are almost a rarity. Because the demand was so big, or still is, they were sold out shortly after the beginning of the sale in all models and sizes! So anyone who has gotten one of the highly sought-after couples can count themselves lucky.

The demand was almost as big with the “Speedrunners”! They are available for men, women and children. However, opinions are extremely divided about the comfortable sock shoes! Some find them super, just because they look different and super comfortable, others find exactly that reprehensible. No matter how, they are one of the most sold shoes of the last year and do not stop to decorate the feet of the whole world! They are also available in different colours, whereby the black, simple version is still the absolute sales star.

The model “Triple Sneaker”.

Bags, cool and modern

The bags of the luxury label are also well received by customers all over the world and are conquering the market! Especially the typical models, such as the “Nano City Bag” or the “Ville Handle Bag”. But also belly bags and shoulder bags are purchased in abundance.

Balenciaga Shop

In the online shop it is rare that all models are available, because the hype about sneakers & co. usually increases rather than decreases! You’re welcome to try your luck here first.

Vlogs around Balenciaga: sneakers & bags

Vlogs in which people present their purchases on their YouTube channel are like sand on the sea. They tell us what they bought, how much it cost and how they combine it and integrate it into their everyday lives! Actually super handy, just when you’re thinking about buying something like this. If you invest so much money, of course it should also pay off, so you should think very carefully whether it is really worth it. The YouTube videos are especially suitable for this!

Especially to absolute it-pieces, like for example the trend sneakers from Balenciaga, there are countless videos where you can quickly lose the overview. We’ve picked out three examples where you can talk about the expensive

Triple S: Balenciaga sneakers

Blogger Camilla Frederikke reveals her experiences with the popular sneakers! Here you get tips and tricks and at the same time experience before you invest money, it does not get any better!

Haul & try on

In this video the blogger PocketsandBows shows you her latest achievements, the Balenciaga “VILLE XXS” bag and the Balenciaga “Triple S” sneaker! If you are also interested in buying these products, or just want to inform yourself, this video will give you some information! Just take a look at it!

Bag collection from Balenciaga

In this YouTube video Lizette introduces you to her little Balenciaga collection and tells you why she is such a big Balenciaga fan!

Fashion shows

The fashion of Balenciaga is characterized by clean cuts in elegant fabrics and patterns! Both men’s and women’s fashion usually shows dark fabrics and sets great eye-catchers with individual neon-colored pieces, such as handbags, jewelry, or sunglasses.

Balenciaga Winter 19

The Fashion Show, Winter 2019 was called “La Chambre”, translated “The Bedroom” and was accompanied by music by the artist BFRND.

Balenciaga Winter 18

Around a mountain sprayed with graffiti, the Balenciaga Show took place in winter 2018. Already here the music of the artist BFRND was used and supported the colourful creations of Balenciaga. Neon-coloured pantyhose and jewellery made of snap hooks adorned the fashion.

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